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AEI’s Andrew P. Kelly, College Board’s Jessica Howell, and Seton Hall University’s Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj host a major research conference that explores college match, featuring eight new studies and analyses.

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ISIS remains in control of large swaths of both Iraq and Syria, and will probably continue to control significant territory into the next administration. How candidates answer these questions should elucidate how they understand ISIS, the threat it poses, and what strategy the US should pursue.

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Canadian parents save less for retirement than Canadians without kids. And it’s probably deliberate.

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Maybe the past three decades were not the economic disaster that the left often suggests.

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The White House this week gave some welcome focus to the unhelpful rise of job licenses. In “The land of free markets, tied down by red tape,” the FT’s Gillian Tett notes that issue but also highlights the difficulty in starting a business here, writing: “The entrepreneurial halo is starting to slip…”

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To make sure America avoids the Great Stagnation, we need the Great Optimization.

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Following the nuclear deal with Iran, a discussion on transparency in the Obama administration and secret side deals between Iran and the IAEA.

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Women leave a clothing store with a big sign reading "Store Pretty, total closing down sale, take advantage" in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, June 29, 2015. Puerto Rico is "insolvent" and will soon run out of cash, according to a newly appointed adviser to the commonwealth who was the judge who oversaw the historic bankruptcy of Detroit.  Reuters

Puerto Rico would do well to ignore a recent hedge fund report and to follow instead the Krueger report’s suggestion: press for a reasonable amount of debt relief from bondholders as an important part of an adjustment program.

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The New York Times once advocated for the right minimum wage: $0.00 per hour.

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As he concludes “The Conservative Heart,” AEI President Arthur C. Brooks calls on his fellow conservatives to show America their true colors.

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For the US economy to grow as fast in the future as it did in the past, it will require even faster productivity growth to offset slowing population growth. That means deep reform of our tax, regulatory, and education systems.

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