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Proposals to reform Medicare tend to focus on improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness rather than addressing the program’s underlying structural issues.

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The democratic West should not take any comfort in the fact that we’re not in a new Cold War. Putin relies on tactics that all ex-KGB agents would be familiar with but has an agenda that could be even more provocative than what we faced in the later stages of the Cold War.

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Under Secretary for Policy at the Department of Transportation Derek Kan outlines the details of the Trump administration’s infrastructure plan. Following his remarks, AEI’s R. Richard Geddes will lead a discussion among infrastructure policy experts to review the main elements of the proposal and the future of US infrastructure policy.

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Colombia’s threats against sensible drug pricing show that it is not yet deserving of an OECD membership.

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AEI’s Dr. Leon Aron discusses the potential future implications of Vladimir Putin’s re-election.

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russia spy nerve agent attack

If Putin’s Russia has now become a real threat to the West, it is almost entirely the fault of years of foot-dragging and resets on both sides of the Atlantic.

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free inquiry on campus

Given the enormous amounts of taxpayer dollars that flow to the academy, it is both reasonable and appropriate to insist that federal funds no longer support research at institutions that choose to circumscribe speech and thought.

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women and the opioid crisis

Women’s share of opioid deaths has risen sharply since 1999, with significant effects on the health and economic situations of families.

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Elected leaders in established democracies need to stop handing out legitimacy cards to authoritarians with congratulatory nods for sham polls.

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Big tech

America’s tech giants remain a tremendously valuable resource. And if they are to escape a potentially harmful regulatory reaction, they need to preemptively prepare for it.

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GDPR WHOIS domain names

The implementation of the EU’s new privacy regulation could restrict information about domain names that helps combat bad actors on the internet.

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