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Join us for the Policy Simulation Library DC meeting hosted by AEI’s Open Source Policy Center to learn how computational simulation models are used to inform public policy decision-making.

Iran's national flag

It is essential to maintain pressure on Iran without playing into the hands of a regime that may want conflict.

If you pay attention to business news, the supposedly ever dominant tech titans like Alphabet-Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook seem to exist in a far more dynamic and fluid environment than many realize, one where nothing is assured.

Senator Josh Hawley’s Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act is a bad solution to a fictional problem.

A French patrol boat sails next to the Bahri-Yanbu, a Saudi Arabian cargo ship, that waits to enter in the port of Le Havre, as human rights groups try to block the loading of weapons onto the vessel, France, REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Congress designed the Jones Act to address the circumstances of the shipping industry in 1920, but looking at the historical context of the act illuminates how it fits into the history of US shipping and shipbuilding policy.


Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH), AEI’s Michael Rosen, and an expert panel will discuss recent patent law developments and the American intellectual property system.

Though it will be difficult to rein in politically popular anti-China charges related to human rights, national security, and decoupling, congressional proponents of the legislation to force transparency in foreign firm audits should focus sharply on the risks to US investors, businesses, and overall capital market fiduciary responsibilities. On those grounds, they have solid case.

2020 Democratic presidential candidates and education policy | IN 60 SECONDS

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden’s 2020 education agenda is the most liberal in presidential history. But compared to other Democratic candidates, it looks centrist — even modest.

Whatever the final outcome of these ongoing negotiations to advance the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement to a vote in the House, there is already a sense of déjà vu about the negotiations, and striking echoes from a similar situation in 2008 involving House trade votes, the Bush administration, and Speaker Pelosi.

In October, Mario Draghi will step down from the presidency of the European Central Bank (ECB) after having successfully led that institution for the past seven years.

Irving Kristol was a keen student of what he called the problem of doing good, a subject he addressed in a 1977 Wall Street Journal essay.

President Trump is certainly right to be upset about the euro’s current weakness. However, he is mistaken to signal out Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, for blame. Rather, he should be pointing his finger at himself and at the fiscally ultra-orthodox German government for their major part in the euro’s weakness

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