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Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch outlines his vision for how America can succeed in today’s global economy by focusing on trade.

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AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy looks at the top tech policy issues of 2015, featuring a keynote address by Sen. John Thune.

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California is in the process of implementing a new carbon tax. The notion that states can save the planet from getting too hot is great soap opera. It’s just a way to bring more revenue to state governments regardless of its intent.

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U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (L) at the conclusion of a CEO Roundtable and Forum at the India U.S. Business Summit in New Delhi January 26, 2015. REUTERS/Jim Bourg

If Modi continues to reform the economy and revitalise Indian diplomacy, his honeymoon with Washington will only lengthen.

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Capital Economics

With the so-called term premium on the 10-year Treasury yield slumping over the past few months, there is a case to be made that real long rates will remain substantially below real GDP growth for quite some time yet.

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Do we need government regulations to preserve net neutrality? No – the Internet in America works extraordinarily well.

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During School Choice Week 2015, AEI’s Rick Hess, Senator Tim Scott, Thomas Stewart, and Patrick Wolf discuss Stewart and Wolf’s new book, “The School Choice Journey,” and why promoting school choice is important to expanding the range of education opportunities for every student in the United States.

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Improving education isn’t simple. But four new talks from leading educational leaders and public intellectuals shed light on why it is vital to rethink how we do education reform and why we do it.

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Some thoughts on the important role that consumers and “consumer greed” play in a market economy.

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Private-school choice is a journey for low-income parents who move from being clients of social services to consumers of goods and advocates for their own political interests.

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It is good that Netanyahu is coming to Washington, and House Republicans deserve credit for inviting him.

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Image Credit: shutterstock

Apparently actual individuals looking for work may be more inventive than Prof. Krugman. Since that’s pretty much what appears to have happened.

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Adam Kiefaber (Flickr) (CC-BY-2.0)

The Pew Research Center most recently asked Americans about their overall opinions of all four party leaders in the House and the Senate. Although they sit atop Capitol Hill, all four party leaders face an uphill climb to increase their standing among Americans.

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