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Maureen Ohlhausen, an FTC commissioner, outlines a step-by-step approach for putting the principles of regulatory humility into action and identifies high and low watermarks for the FTC’s adherence to this approach.

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Panelists discuss whether America’s nonproliferation negotiations with Iran are destined to end in failure, drawing parallels to attempted US nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

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Why do progressives hate Walmart for its low prices and razor-thin 3% profit margin but love Apple for its high prices and 24% profit margin?

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Healthcare coverage eating up large share of spending on poor

Finding a way to pay for additional programs for the poor – such as EITC expansions, child care improvements, and job-training programs – will be difficult without addressing the current spending trajectory for Medicaid and SNAP.

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Iran seems to hope the US and its allies will overplay or misplay their hand on the nuclear negotiations, Iraq, or Yemen. Unfortunately that is not an unrealistic expectation.

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In 2014, for the first time, more Americans said the Obama administration has made the United States less safe from terrorism than said the administration has made the US safer.

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The April issue of AEI’s Political Report compares public opinion on the George W. Bush and Obama administrations’ handling of terrorism, assesses how much terrorism and ISIS concern Americans, and examines public opinion on taxes.

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We hear a lot about the increases in shale oil production in Texas and North Dakota, but other states like Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico are also benefiting from America’s Shale Revolution.

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An important question being raised about the Iran nuclear negotiations is not just whether the agreement will be signed in time for its deadline, but also what the actual effect of such a deal will mean for the nearest future.

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The signing of Indiana’s version of the federal Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, or RFRA, by Governor Mike Pence has received considerable media coverage. And though it has been referred to as an “anti-gay bill,” there is little to suggest it has anything to do with sexual orientation at all.

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Hilary Clinton claims the emails that she recently wiped from her computer only contained information regarding her yoga schedule and her daughter’s wedding. Questions are being raised about why the emails were deleted and if Clinton can be trusted after this.

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