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AEI’s Ryan Streeter hosts the Legatum Institute for the launch of their US Prosperity Index. Panelists will explore the findings of the state-by-state index and discuss the unique challenges posed to individual states.

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Please join AEI for a presentation on the highlights of “A Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty,” followed by a panel discussion with report authors Ron Haskins and Robert Moffitt on the realistic prospects for the report’s proposals to improve children’s lives.

The seal for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is displayed in Washington, U.S., June 14, 2017.

Some argue that President Trump’s Federal Reserve Board nominations have been too political when the country needs technocrats at the Fed’s helm. Should a PhD be required for Fed governors, or is this just a disguised political argument to derail perfectly qualified candidates?

A buffer zone will not appease Turkey but rather encourage Erdogan to demand more. A wiser policy would be for Washington to embrace the Kurdish administration in northeastern Syria and endorse federalism in Syria’s future.

As Congress considers reauthorizing the Higher Education Act, what are some areas of bipartisan agreement about how to increase college completion and ensure accountability?

Goldman Sachs now believes even more strongly that “technological change is not fully reflected in the real output statistics.” From a bottom-up perspective, there’s all that missing growth from free digital goods. From a top-down perspective, Goldman economists note that the “growth of domestically generated profits and incomes (GDI) is outpacing that of GDP, a departure from earlier decades.”

Leaders of Visegrad countries Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Czech Republic's Prime Minister Andrej Babis, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini are welcomed by European Council President Donald Tusk ahead of a European Union leaders summit after European Parliament elections to discuss who should run the EU executive for the next five years, Oliver Hoslet/Pool via REUTERS

Alas, the end of the Spitzenkandidaten system comes at too high a cost for Central Europe. For many in the West, Visegrád is no longer worth engaging with.

It is suspect to argue that the link between pay and productivity is broken. Suspect, but politically convenient for populists for whom telling a story of total economic failure is a key attack vector on “elites.”

Price transparency in health care via Twenty20

A better option to reduce health care costs is one that regulates the market in a way that allows it to function and deliver better results.

College student, @MargJohnsonVA via Twenty20

As long as lawmakers respond to rising college costs with commensurate Pell Grant increases, the program is fated to provide aid to families with ever higher incomes.

Most “experts” dismissed candidate Trump’s strategy right up to election night. They got burned. On China, the president looks like he’s dismissing candidate Trump’s strategy, too. It may get unpleasantly hot in the White House in 2020.

Can the state order its culture to a higher good? Should it?

A new FCC effort to curb local government barriers to cable provision promises to further narrow the digital divide.

Higher education, @Barefoot_Traveller via Twenty20

Both the left and the right generally regard the current higher education accountability regime as unsatisfactory in addressing concerns about student debt and the quality of higher education.

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