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Vision Talks

Hear four concise talks on why America needs to rethink education, what that thinking looks like in practice, and how to move from ideas to action.

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The Obama administration has wisely decided to lower expectations about new health coverage under the Affordable Care Act in the hope that by setting the bar low enough even mediocre enrollment gains become a political victory. That can hardly be considered a sign that Obamacare is working.

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Relatives hold pictures of missing students of the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College Raul Isidro Burgos, during a protest march demanding the government find them, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero November 14, 2014. Reuters

The recent kidnapping and probable murder of 43 students at the hands of corrupt local officials in Iguala, Mexico, should prompt the United States to invigorate security cooperation with Mexico to fight crime and secure the border.

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Hyperbole, scientists say, obscures the complex story of what’s really happening to bees and why—and the risks that advocacy groups and activist journalists risk of driving science and agricultural regulations into a policy ditch.

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Although necessary and overdue, quantitative easing by the ECB will not be enough to turn around Europe’s economy.

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Politicians opposing massive economic redistribution have a hard time coming up with appealing rhetoric.

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No state has been more important to the US for both job creation and energy production than Texas.

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Immigration opponents face off against immigrant supporters to protest amnesty for illegal immigrants, New York City, July 19, 2014.

While some are hailing Obama’s executive order as a necessary action in a stalled political system, others are calling it a drastic overreach beyond the scope of presidential power.

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By allowing as many as 5 million illegal aliens into the United States for the remainder of his term, Obama is violating the Constitution and Congress, and the courts must respond.

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Image Credit: shutterstock

Today’s decision by the Greek government to present a budget for 2015 that is in open defiance of the wishes of its European Union and IMF paymasters is of singular importance.

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Less population growth and more business consolidation could be key factors, according to new research.

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