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Former US Representative Frank Wolf and two other religious freedom experts address how American foreign policy leaders should tackle religious persecution in Iraq and around the globe.

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The region needs a strong counterbalance to Beijing.

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Early education is starting with a clean and unencumbered slate. This is the right time to make crucial, carefully considered decisions about how teachers should be prepared to educate very young children.

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In this paper, the authors document the complex issues facing the FDA in assessing the quality of generic drugs. They conclude that increased transparency as well as the updating of FDA bioequivalence standards may be important to overcome some of these challenges.

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In this article, I illustrate three approaches for calculating loss distributions and value-at-risk capital requirements in credit portfolios with obligor concentrations risk.

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School choice seeks to revamp America’s education system by creating a marketplace of schooling options. In his latest report, AEI’s Michael McShane offers ways in which both the demand and supply side of school choice can be improved, thus creating a better marketplace.

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Here’s today’s assortment of graphs, a Venn diagram, some links about Uber, minimum wage, markets in everything, 3D printing, active vs. passive management and more.

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The Cage-Busting Teacher aims to offer practical advice to educators to help them elevate their voices in decisions that affect their work, schools, and students. But is Rick Hess just another countless person sitting in the ivory tower without portable ideas?

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If we want to turn around the depressing education statistics, we need serious change in the American education system.

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In On the Margin’s seventh annual survey of public opinion on tax issues, Bowman and Sims discuss current polls on the IRS, tax reform, the tax burden, and the president’s tax policies.

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How much do you know about the news? Take a 12-question quiz from Pew Research and find out.

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