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An intensification in the Greek crisis could send ripples across the global financial system that could materially affect the United States economy. Of equal concern, turmoil in Greece could allow the Russians to gain a firm foothold in the Balkans.

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A discussion over the possible consequences and dangers of a new U.S. deal with Cuba to reestablish diplomatic ties.

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Economist Thomas Sowell shares the same birthday (June 30) as Frederic Bastiat, and he turned 85 yesterday. Here are ten of my favorites quotes from Dr. Sowell on Obamacare. Happy 85th Birthday Tom Sowell!

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With July 4th only a few days away, AEI public opinion expert Karlyn Bowman examines the polls to see how proud Americans are of their country.

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If we’re truly honest about seeking greater value in how drugs are pursued and used, then we should be earnest in wanting a market with more information that speaks to these attributes, and more competition in pursuit of these elements.

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A discussion on Chris Christie’s announcement for president and his chances in the Republican Primary.

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Red counties typically enjoy somewhat stronger families than do blue counties on at least three measures worth considering: marriage, nonmarital childbearing, and family stability.

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Export-Import Bank President Fred Hochberg (L) and Export-Import Bank Deputy Inspector General Michael McCarthy (R) testify before a House Financial Services Committee hearing on the Export-Import Bank's reauthorization, on Capitol Hill in Washington June 3, 2015.  Reuters

Corporate welfare and bailouts for bankrupt banks are business as usual for the political class. In the Ex-Im fight, though, business as usual is losing.

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America’s crude oil production increased in April to the highest level in 44 years, thanks to the shale revolution, which has reversed a 40-year decline in crude oil output in only about six years.

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If workers can use government force through minimum wage laws to achieve above-market wages, shouldn’t employers then be able to use government force to pay below-market wages with maximum wage legislation?

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