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What are the most promising strategies for encouraging innovation and creating conditions that allow schools to reach their full potential?

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A Marine with Battalion Landing Team, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine regiment hands humanitarian ration at an aid distribution site near a landing zone in Leogane, Haiti, Jan. 26, 2010. US Marine Corps | Flickr

A seminal bipartisan report from AEI’s American Internationalism Project released at this event provides a comprehensive consensus on America’s role in the world.

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Prominent scholars from across the political spectrum unveil a consensus plan for reducing poverty and increasing opportunity.

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This forum about medical malpractice and defensive medicine will examine recent research that suggests several empirical cracks in the conventional storyline.

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This event has been postponed.

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Here’s a little advice for Kasich, Hillary Clinton and any other candidate who wants to follow them down into the fever swamp of Nazi analogies: Don’t.

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Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during the first official Democratic candidates debate of the 2016 presidential campaign in Las Vegas, Nevada October 13, 2015. Reuters

When Bill Clinton was president, he “slammed the door” on refugees — the cell door at Guantanamo Bay.

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“… current technologies, with drivers behind the wheel, will not last.”

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Here’s my latest assortment of interesting economic links, quotations, facts, videos, charts and more.

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Newly-elected U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) holds his first news conference at Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington November 3, 2015. Reuters

Speaker Ryan has a rare opportunity to unite the two wings of his party while demonstrating what conservative lawmaking can accomplish for the nation’s kids.

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IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde attends the opening ceremony of China Development Forum about "China's Economy in the New Normal", in Beijing March 22, 2015.    REUTERS/Jason Lee.

Whether the IMF’s move will boost the Chinese currency’s value is very much open to question.

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AEI Scholar Gary Schmitt discusses the future threat that ISIS poses to the West.

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Barack Obama delivers a speech on the opening day of the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) in Le Bourget, near Paris, France, November 30, 2015.       REUTERS/Stephane Mahe.

As we have seen with other controversial issues, persistent use of the bully pulpit can sway opinion.

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Resident Scholar Stan Veuger discusses the health of the US economy.

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The flat-benefit plan is not a magic solution to Social Security’s problems. But it has the potential to change the political dynamic on Social Security reform.

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