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Join AEI for discussion of Mark Rose’s new book, “Market Rules: Bankers, Presidents, and the Origins of the Great Recession” (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018), a history of the shifting politics and outsized personalities that shaped the modern US banking system.

Please join AEI as experts discuss the economic and political implications of Brexit for the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States.

Join us for the Policy Simulation Library DC meeting hosted by AEI’s Open Source Policy Center to learn how computational simulation models are used to inform public policy decision-making.

Success in politics — and in political predictions — depends on the ability to distinguish between old rules of thumb that don’t apply anymore and old rules of thumb that do.

Prescription drugs help people in pain. They aren’t to blame for the rise in opioid deaths.

Passing ACMRA represents a small, but effective step toward improving the ability of Congress to represent the people and conduct effective oversight of an ever-more powerful executive branch.

In today’s Wall Street Journal Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) explains why New Yorkers are fleeing their high-tax, business unfriendly state and moving to low-tax, business-friendly Florida. Separately, I compare New York and Florida on 14 different economic measures of tax burden and business climate and find that Florida comes out ahead on every single measure.

Gay women hold hands while donning rainbow and American flags at a parade

The rapid rise in support and the corresponding changes in American culture have led to a growing disconnect between public perceptions and the actual experiences of LGBT+ people in the US.

When Theresa May took over as Prime Minister, she announced that “Brexit means Brexit.” However now the fate of her deal to leave the EU is uncertain. With negotiations still ongoing, we interviewed AEI fellow Dalibor Rohac to break down what’s happening and what it all means.

For those who think a meaningful school reform coalition can and must encompass those who have good-faith disagreements about economic policy, immigration, and the “woke” agenda, finding a way to rethink these litmus tests represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

In framing economic policy, global and US policymakers would do well to recall that the European economy is larger than that of China.

When people say they love God, what do they actually mean? In the sixth episode, Arthur seeks answers to what’s happening in our hearts and in our brains when people express love for God.

What is the Maghreb? | DEFINE

A brief explanation of the Maghreb defined by AEI’s Emily Estelle.

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