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Iowa attorney general tom miller

Join AEI, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller, and a panel of experts for a discussion on e-cigarettes and the future of tobacco-control policy.

At this talk, Aparna Mathur discusses some of the learnings from the diverse group known as the AEI-Brookings Working Group on Paid Leave, and their recommendations for a federal paid leave policy.

Beneficial ownership legislation has a broad-based, bipartisan support. So, what’s the hold up?

Given the vital roles ISIS’s women played in the group, there is little reason to welcome back women like Shamima Begum with open arms.

Rather than ensure stability, the State Department’s Somalia strategy wastes taxpayer money and promises an Al Qaeda renaissance in the strategically important Horn of Africa.

Legitimate criticisms can be directed at the European Union, but the process of economic integration has imposed useful constraints on the ability of European governments to engage in protectionism and economic nationalism.

As politicians and social leaders try to pinpoint the root cause of American woe, they should start by looking at the closing churches — and the ones that are bustling.

Peter Wehner is willing to sacrifice everything he says he believes in to separate himself from Trump.

Oostburg, Wis., and Chevy Chase, Md., couldn’t be more different. But in the 2016 primary, they both rejected Trump. They have something else in common, too.

Why are so many men turning off, tuning out, and dropping out? Christina & Danielle explore this disturbing trend with Timothy Carney, author of the new book “Alienated America.”

The US and allies need to deal with local grievances, which give Salafi-jihadi groups their opening.

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