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Join AEI as Naomi Schaefer Riley and leading scholars discuss the impact of excessive technology use on children and family life.

a black and white rendition of the Supreme Court building

Join AEI and leading scholars for drinks and a debate on whether there should be a federal right to education. After listening to the debaters’ arguments, attendees will vote for the winner.

The president is trying to compromise on immigration. Democrats are not.

As the leader of the National Assembly is declared the interim president of the country, Venezuelans who take to the streets today reclaim their freedom from a narcodictatorship may finally have a fighting chance. However, a popular uprising is a blunt instrument, and toppling Maduro is only a start.

Long-difference regressions for 1968-2013 show that a higher tax wedge reduces the C-corporate share of net capital stocks, equity (book value), gross assets, and positive net income, as well as the corporate share of gross investment.

US-China trade will not save or damn the stock market. Stop saying that.

The tracker, which captures Chinese investment around the world from 2005-2018, reveals that plans for investment and construction by Chinese state-owned enterprises have stalled because of pressure overseas and at home.

In this special episode, Luke speaks to the First Families and St. Andrew’s Society of New York at the Down Town Association. His speech covers Alexander Hamilton’s attitude towards the free press.

China's strategy to gain power in Asia | IN 60 SECONDS

China has been able to gain a significant foothold of power in Southeast Asia without starting an open conflict with the United States.

Unless politics across Europe change dramatically, it is hard to see the EU becoming a political monolith any time soon.

The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade promises to continue the large economic benefits of the earlier NAFTA, but one threat to those benefits has emerged.

trump withdraws from jcpoa iran nuclear deal

The media would lavish coverage on a GOP primary fight.

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