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U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus speaks at the second day of the Reuters Aerospace and Defense Summit in Washington, September 10, 2014. Reuters

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus discusses the future of the Navy and Marine Corps with AEI’s Mackenzie Eaglen.

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With the continued development of man-made islands in the South China Sea by China and tensions flaring, AEI’s Asia studies scholars offer policy recommendations on how to best prevent an armed conflict and resolve regional territorial disputes.

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By reading “The Cage-Busting Teacher,” teachers will be inspired to offer solutions that transform education.

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A brutal take: “In mid-2013, we estimated that the economy’s potential GDP growth rate was a well-below-consensus 1.75%. We may have been too optimistic.”

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A national sales tax is not the answer to fundamental tax reform.

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With medical practice costs rising under the ACA and revenue falling, it’s no wonder so many doctors are choosing to sell their private practices and become salaried employees of hospitals.

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A discussion of recent events from Chinese military buildup in the South China Sea to ISIS bombings in Baghdad.

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Policymakers should think hard about education, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, immigration, and basic research.

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A labourer works on the construction site of a residential building in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, May 29, 2015. India's economic growth accelerated to 7.5 percent in the three months through March from a revised 6.6 percent in the previous quarter, government data showed on Friday. REUTERS/Shailesh Andrade - RTR4Y0G4 Source: Reuters

India’s new GDP estimates may lead some to think that India’s economic growth is world-beating, growing even faster than China currently. When in fact this new GDP estimate may be meaningless.

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Growth remains slower slower than it should be, but we’re probably not in a recession. Probably.

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A discussion on a possible national security threat after reports that the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners traded Sgt. Bergdahl could be free to travel soon.

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