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How much do you know about the depression of 1920–21 and the rapid recovery that followed? Author James Grant will consider what lessons this unknown history may supply.

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Experts discuss their predictions for whether the United States will strike a nuclear deal with Iran ahead of the November 24 deadline, and the repercussions of the possible outcomes.

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QE is over, and the US economy is better today for its existence.

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Osama bin Laden is shown pointing in this video frame grab released by the U.S. Pentagon May 7, 2011.

A decade after we were last graced with Bin Laden’s visage on video, we should focus less on the individual and more on the ideology that motivates them and filling the vacuums in which they thrive.

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When American policymakers look at Kobane, it would be a fatal mistake to assume anyone else in the region shares our agenda.

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By kicking out James Tien for criticizing Hong Kong’s chief executive, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Body shows just how little freedom Hong Kong actually enjoys.

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The permanent campaign is a permanent fixture of our politics. Like the candidates, the pollsters will be judged by who wins and loses – on Election Day 2016.

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Too much of today’s upbeat GDP report came from government spending, not the private sector.

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Today’s top ten economic links from around the Web on the $15 minimum wage in San Francisco, Bitcoin, Obamacare, Hillary, solving the kidney shortage with cash, markets in everything, crony capitalism, economic news and more!

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It should be cause for introspection about how a master diplomat like Dennis Ross got Obama so wrong.

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In virtually every industry, including charter schooling, sensible regulations can be useful to protect consumers, but too much regulation can stifle innovation and waste considerable time, energy, and money.

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Ebola disease will never become epidemic in the U.S. But the prospects of larger and more frequent outbreaks seem highly likely and call for clear direction from state and federal governments on quarantine regulation.

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