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Vision Talks

Hear four concise talks on why America needs to rethink education, what that thinking looks like in practice, and how to move from ideas to action.

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According to new data just released by the IRS, the top 400 US taxpayers paid almost as much in federal income taxes ($19.1 billion) in 2010 as the 67.5 million Americans in the bottom 50% of all taxpayers ($22.4 billion).

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If the value of taxi medallions collapses, is government obliged to offer compensation because it, in effect. made a regulatory decision that is a taking?

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Something to give thanks for tomorrow: the thousands of strangers who were led by the “invisible hand” of the market over the last several months to make sure your holiday feast was possible.

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While U.S. upward mobility probably has not declined in recent decades, neither has it increased. Helping Americans climb the ladder should be a key focus of economic policy.

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Covering a political story today? Here’s the latest from AEI’s political corner experts.

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Covering an education story today? Here’s the latest from the experts on the AEI education team.

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Covering a defense story today? Here’s the latest from the experts on the AEI defense team.

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President Barack Obama signs executive orders on immigration reform. Reuters

Will the approximately five million undocumented immigrants covered by the President’s action be eligible to receive welfare benefits? And if so, how much will those benefits cost?

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