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Vision Talks

Hear four concise talks on why America needs to rethink education, what that thinking looks like in practice, and how to move from ideas to action.

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Here’s today’s top ten assortment of charts, links, photos, tables, videos, quotations, and economic facts.

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New data released today from the Netherlands show that global trade and global industrial production reached record high levels in September – so why the global gloom?

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Image Credit: Photo Dean (Flickr) CC

People should go where the jobs are if they are living where the jobs are not. In particular, they should move to places where high levels of productivity and innovation result in strong wage growth. Here’s how to help make that happen.

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U.S. President Barack Obama (L) listens to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel after the president announced Hagel's resignation at the White House in Washington, November 24, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Unfortunately, it is likely that not much will be different three months from now regarding U.S. strategy to combat Islamic extremists even after a change at the top of the Pentagon.

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A struggling European economy facing deflation and a strong political backlash against austerity does not have the luxury of time to get its act together.

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A market for visas is one way for America to inject some economic rationality into its immigration system. But there might be a couple hiccups.

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The D.C. policy establishment seems to be betting on a bureaucrat, rather than a politician, to replace Hagel as Secretary of Defense.

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Many Republicans fret about inflation. But it’s the wrong kind of inflation that they are worrying about. The problem isn’t the government central bank’s “money printing,” but the government’s distortion and inefficient provision of important services. And it is addressing these cost-of-living issues that is at the core of the conservative reform movement. 

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Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf (C) departs the stage with National Journal correspondent Nancy Cook (L) following an onstage interview at The Atlantic's Economy Summit in Washington March 18, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The problem with the CBO isn’t who is in charge of it. The problem is that it’s so important who’s in charge of it, and that their assumptions are generally so opaque. More transparency would solve those problems.

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The meeting between President Xi and Prime Minister Abe did not achieve “détente” or anything resembling it.  Instead, Abe handed Xi a domestic-political win, found himself on the defensive at home, and secured little of value from either China or the United States.

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