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America’s crude oil production increased in April to the highest level in 44 years, thanks to the shale revolution, which has reversed a 40-year decline in crude oil output in only about six years.

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If workers can use government force through minimum wage laws to achieve above-market wages, shouldn’t employers then be able to use government force to pay below-market wages with maximum wage legislation?

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Several education policy experts discuss the results of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s annual Schooling in America Survey.

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If the IMF and the European Union truly want Greece to succeed and not to become a failed state, they would do well to support an orderly Greek exit out of the euro.

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Emannuel Saez

When prosperity is broadly shared and upward mobility is robust, there is less reason to fret about rising inequality.

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As private school choice moves into a new era, there are three unresolved tensions that I think will shape the next five to 10 years. Understanding them will be key to understanding the landscape of private school choice going forward.

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US Senator Bob Corker walks inside the US Capitol in Washington, in this picture taken on April 15, 2015. REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

Senator Corker’s visit to Venezuela could send a positive signal that the US Congress will defend democracy, freedom of expression, and economic liberty, rather than seek to normalize ties with a criminal regime that is abusing the Venezuelan people.

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Discussion on Secretary of State John Kerry in Vienna negotiating with Iran on nuclear sanctions.

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Just because federal budget deficits and the growing national debt aren’t in the news every day doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.

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U.S. President Barack Obama and Brazil President Dilma Rousseff tour the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial with a National Park Ranger in Washington June 29, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

President Obama welcomes his Brazilian counterpart Dilma Rousseff to Washington in the wake of bad news back home, wrought by statist policies that have smothered the country’s potential.

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Striking differences exist between competency-based and traditional higher education programs in how students are recruited, admissions and credit transfer policies, how credits are earned, and interactions with peers and faculty.

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