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Join a diverse panel of experts as they explore the implications of the upcoming European Parliament elections on the continent’s politics and transatlantic relations.

have baby boomers ruined the future for millennials? we shall see

Please join AEI for a discussion with Joseph Sternberg and an expert panel on his new book, “The Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future” (Public Affairs, 2019).

As we commemorate Brown at 65, let us acknowledge victories won and opportunities lost. Lawyers, judges and educators remain essential stakeholders in this work. That was true in 1954, as it is in 2019. So are families, students — and a lot of regular people, too.

Panama’s inability to combat financial crimes places it in the center of the United States’ efforts to combat money laundering originating in the Maduro and Ortega dictatorships. Its newly-elected president, Laurentino Cortizo, offers fresh hope that the US can continue to freeze the coffers of these regimes.

The far left sees Biden standing in the way of its takeover of the Democratic Party. So as his lead in the polls expands, their efforts to stop him will escalate.

The prospect of a hard Brexit, or of a general election that could see the Labor Party’s far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn elected as prime minister, will hardly inspire foreign investor confidence. Nor will the prospect of renewed global financial market turbulence that could put pressure on the City of London.

AEI Archive Project

With the trade war between the United States and China heating up this week, we thought it would be a good time to revisit AEI’s decades-long focus on international trade.

Since the 1990 business cycle peak, wages are up 20% in real terms. And if you use the “personal consumption expenditures price index” rather than the CPI as the inflation measure — it’s the one preferred by the Federal Reserve and Congressional Budget Office — you find a 32% increase in average worker wages and about the same for the bottom fifth of workers.

AEI scholar and (AEI president-to-be) Robert Doar joins The Remnant to talk New York politics, how capitalism isn’t failing, “Seinfeld,” and more.

Trump’s national security team must calibrate just how much strength is needed for Iran to stand down, without giving the regime reason to believe its survival is at stake.

The economics of Trump’s trade agenda are in fact, to a first approximation, fairly simple: impose taxes on imports and create non-tariff barriers to imports, which will block mutually beneficial transactions between Americans and foreigners and incentivize retrenchment from the global economy.

Surprise medical bills are mainly symptoms of the market’s larger dysfunction. Reform should require the medical industry to clean up their mess with better pricing and billing practices.

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