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Americans love liberty and equality. But for all their popularity, these American-forged twins appear in greater need of elucidation today than any time in recent memory.

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The use of American power is a moral undertaking; America’s security, liberty, and prosperity depend upon its will to lead and its ability to fight.

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The 15.8% gender wage gap at the White House is not likely primarily the result of discrimination against women, but then neither is the 17.9% gender wage gap nationally.

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Benefit cliffs – steep drops in means-tested benefits when income crosses a certain eligibility threshold – send the wrong message about work and likely decrease work effort.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi often says the government has no business being in business. It has even less business being in the bedroom.

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President Obama’s recently proposed overtime provisions are not likely to be beneficial for workers.

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Prime-age employment has yet to recover fully from the Great Recession. Years later, much work remains to be done.

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With a better understanding of how to avoid particular situations, a student’s chance of experiencing assault can be diminished.

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At the local level, red counties typically enjoy stronger families than do blue counties on at least three measures worth considering: marriage, nonmarital childbearing, and family stability.

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Although government statistics show homelessness declining, Corinth’s new study argues we should be skeptical of the official reports and look closer at the underlying challenge.

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