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Several education policy experts discuss the results of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice’s annual Schooling in America Survey.

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Striking differences exist between competency-based and traditional higher education programs in how students are recruited, admissions and credit transfer policies, how credits are earned, and interactions with peers and faculty.

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A man waves a national flag as protesters march through San Juan May 13, 2015. University students and employees took to the streets to protest against government plans to implement cuts to public university budgets, according to local media. Reuters

Economic advisers compare and contrast the Puerto Rican and Greek debt crises and examine what impact their respective resolutions may have on the US and European economies.

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Remember how President Obama failed to enforce his “red line” in Syria? Well, it’s happening again — this time in cyberspace.

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Here’s my latest assortment of charts, maps, quotations, links, a citizenship test, and a hedge fund update.

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Brill explains how federally sanctioned state Medicaid provider taxes operate and affect federal Medicaid spending. He proposes that Congress prohibit these taxes and either put the federal savings back into Medicaid or use them to reduce federal healthcare taxes.

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Evidence suggests that lifetime success may be influenced by factors beyond children’s control, such as family structure, home neighborhood, and household income. Preserving economic mobility requires policymakers to focus specifically on these issues.

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How proud are Americans of their country? As Independence Day approaches, this AEI Public Opinion Study focuses on patriotism in the United States, examining Americans’ self-professed patriotism, how people describe others’ patriotism, and reasons people are proud of the US.

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THUMB Patriotism

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day with songs of national celebration, flags waving in the breeze, parades, and family gatherings, polls reveal Americans’ strong love of country.

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We may not know what caused the American dream’s malaise. We may disagree as to the proper cure. But we can agree that an alive-and-well American dream guarantees our kids an equal chance at success.

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People dressed as the five U.S. Supreme Court justices who voted in favor of same-sex marriage, march in the San Francisco gay pride parade, two days after the Supreme Court's landmark decision that legalized same-sex marriage throughout the country in San Francisco, California June 28, 2015. Reuters

If gay marriage had resulted from the decisions of the majorities in each of the 50 states, it would be far more difficult, if not virtually impossible, to reverse.

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What will be the impact of a nuclear agreement with Iran? AEI experts are available to comment on the effects of such a deal.

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