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Maureen Ohlhausen, an FTC commissioner, outlines a step-by-step approach for putting the principles of regulatory humility into action and identifies high and low watermarks for the FTC’s adherence to this approach.

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Panelists discuss whether America’s nonproliferation negotiations with Iran are destined to end in failure, drawing parallels to attempted US nuclear negotiations with North Korea.

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img-makin-john_101336756875 (1)

The entire AEI family is deeply saddened by the loss of our friend and colleague, John Makin, who passed away Monday morning.

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Image Credit: YouTube

Are women good, and men bad? How many times have you heard that women are wiser, kinder, more efficient, and just all around superior human beings? A never ending succession of books and news stories suggests they are.

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This study reveals a portrait of current practice through interviewing and surveying current civics professional development (PD) providers and reviewing current literature on high-quality PD.

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Even if an agreement in the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the U.S. is made before its deadline, little suggest that this would actually prevent Iran from continuing to develop a nuclear weapons program, something the country has sought for many years.

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AEI mourns death of American economist and Resident Scholar John H. Makin.

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Image Credit: Chris Callas (The Doe Fund), Wikimedia Commons

AEI Fellow Robert Doar sits down with us this week to discuss poverty, welfare, and why the family is so important.

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Over the weekend, a U.S.-based coding website was targeted by what experts believe to be Chinese authorities. The incident potentially signifies an effort from China to further close down anti-censorship tools.

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If so, says one Wall Street bank, you can thank higher productivity and stabilized income distribution.

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It is highly unlikely that Iran will be negotiated out of its objective of getting nuclear weapons, a mission the country’s leaders have been pursuing for more than thirty years. Though sanctions are in place, this will not deter them from building a broad and deep weapons infrastructure.

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If you can’t climb the ladder, then a top rung that’s ever further away becomes a bigger problem.

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