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Join us for the Policy Simulation Library DC meeting hosted by AEI’s Open Source Policy Center to learn how computational simulation models are used to inform public policy decision-making.

No matter how one cuts it, the administration’s use of the Pentagon’s transfer authority will weaken the building’s ability to meet the unfolding contingencies it now faces and will face in the months ahead. The price will be fewer training opportunities, less support, and declining morale as service members and their families deal with damaged basing and housing.

Students are open to challenging ideas. Their administrators are not.

The US and the EU are in no position to compete with the amount or the immediacy of financial support that the Gulf Arab states can offer. But for emerging markets, today’s windfall is tomorrow’s institutional challenge.

For the region more broadly — especially for India and Bangladesh — the Sri Lanka attacks come as a warning. Islamic State may have lost its caliphate, but it has not lost its capacity to exploit local divisions and launch massive terrorist attacks aimed at capturing global attention.

Despite decades of egregious errors, a group of “leaders” remains steadfastly in place, waiting to take charge again.

With the public release of the Mueller report, comparisons are once again being made between the Trump presidency and that of Richard Nixon. There are indeed multiple similarities, but they may not be the ones observers have in mind.

Adopting the right policy framework is the key, which is to say that the time for the central bank to start fighting the next recession is before it begins.

It is time for the Netanyahu administration to decide whether it will support the camp of democracies struggling against an authoritarian resurgence or become like Turkey and seek to profit off autocracies who endanger liberal societies.

The release of the Mueller report has led to comparisons between Nixon and Trump, but the similarities between the presidents are not what most people think.

Elizabeth Warren’s college-loan plan is an expensive transfer payment to people who will earn several million dollars over their working lives. It is deeply misguided policy, and it doesn’t take a college degree in public policy to see that.

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