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AEI’s Andrew P. Kelly, College Board’s Jessica Howell, and Seton Hall University’s Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj host a major research conference that explores college match, featuring eight new studies and analyses.

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Tomorrow (July 31) marks the date of Milton Friedman’s 103rd birthday, and I’ve assembled 20 of my favorite Friedman quotes to honor and remember the great economist on his birthday.

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Transnational organized crime, in some cases abetted by lawless Latin American regimes, threatens US security. The US needs to expose organized-crime conspirators, rally support for the rule of law, and reinvigorate antidrug cooperation.

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Mathur looks at the two sides of the U.S. labor market today: the traditional labor market that is reflected in official data and the “gig economy” that is emerging through firms such as Uber, Airbnb and TaskRabbit.

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The White House deserves credit for issuing a new report that focuses on one area of bipartisan cooperation: the reform of occupational-licensing laws that restrict job opportunities and raise prices.

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Limiting the GOP debate to ten candidates based on poll numbers is an effective strategy to ensure the most popular candidates are present.

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The United Airlines timetable is pictured in Newark International Airport, New Jersey July 8, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Our failure to retaliate against Chinese attacks will send a signal to the world that America can be hacked and attacked with impunity.

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A Los Angeles-class, fast attack submarine USS Hampton moors alongside the submarine tender USS Frank Cable in Hong Kong waters May 17, 2011. The submarine arrived in Hong Kong May 15 for a port visit as part of it's deployment to the Western Pacific. REUTERS/Vincent Yu/Pool

China’s seizure and militarization of islets in the South China Sea poses a direct challenge to America’s post-WWII policy of managing the commons, a policy which accrues commercial and security benefits to all nations, mainland China included.

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What will it take to ensure the long-term stability of Medicare and Medicaid? And how can policymakers improve access and quality of care? AEI health experts weigh in.

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While expanding Social Security might look like it would provide a big bump to retirement incomes, the truth is probably a lot less exciting.

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Putin’s strategic direction may be traced by marking the evolution of domestic imperatives—economic, ideological, political—that have molded his behavior and will almost certainly continue to do so.

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