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If Mexico is going to take its place as a prosperous country in a globalized world, it will have to invest both political capital and money to build a criminal justice system that will apply the rule of law against violence and corruption.

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Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi failing the Indian right?

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It’s been just over a year since I joined an emerging tech company in Silicon Valley (current headcount about 45), and this seems like a good time to share some initial impressions.

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US Air Force F-22 Raptors fly in formation during a training mission, Dec. 6, 2009. US Air Force | Flickr

The Air Force needs anywhere from 375 to 450 F-22s to sustain the kinds of global patrolling required for a serious deterrent posture, many more than the current 185 plane inventory.

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While a year of pre-K can be helpful for many children, too often focus gets diverted from improving early learning for disadvantaged young children to promoting universal pre-K for all four-year-olds.

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AEI Director of Education Policy Studies Rick Hess discusses GOP candidates and their criticisms of the Common Core.

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India reported slowing GDP growth for the last quarter. While the new numbers mean little for the economy, they may push policy-makers closer to realizing that only difficult reform will enable prosperity.

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Carly Fiorina has had a surge in the polls since the July debate, which has been discounted by the CNN debate rankings. CNN ‘s use of polls from July, rather than those most recently updated has caused this potential candidate to make claims that CNN is purposely trying to keep her, as a political outsider, off the stage.

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ormer Florida Governor and Republican candidate for president Jeb Bush speaks during a town hall with high school students at La Progresiva Presbyterian School in Miami, Florida, September 1, 2015. Reuters

The concerns GOP presidential candidates are airing on the Common Core are legitimate and relevant.

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Hungarian police officers watch migrants outside the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest, Hungary, September 1, 2015. Reuters

President Obama’s retreat from the Middle East is part of the larger pattern. Europe’s illegal immigration problem is our problem as well.

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