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Jack P. Shonkoff, director of the Center of the Developing Child at Harvard University, and AEI’s Robert Doar and Katharine Stevens discuss the science of early learning and how it can be harnessed to improve opportunity for disadvantaged children.

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It’s terrible that we’re all trying to guess what the Fed is going to do instead of trying to make financial decisions on the economic realities, and that interest rates depend on their theories instead of on market-clearing prices.

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Greater scale will help cable companies compete more effectively in an increasingly rich, dynamic, and competitive market for video.

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I do not believe that the Export-Import Bank should be reauthorized. I will spend the next few minutes outlining why, with a special focus on the Ex-Im Bank’s impact on jobs.

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President Obama says the United States has restored its image as the most respected nation in the world. However, many feel differently about this observation.

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The case for expanding the IMF has weakened substantially due to questionable lending practices and the rise of alternative mechanisms to protect financial stability.

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It is well-documented that the diets of the poor are not as healthful  as those of higher-income Americans. There is debate over why this gap exists, but a new NBER paper suggests that lack of access to nutritional food, a common explanation for the divide, may not be its key driver.

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U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus speaks at the second day of the Reuters Aerospace and Defense Summit in Washington, September 10, 2014. Reuters

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus discusses the future of the Navy and Marine Corps with AEI’s Mackenzie Eaglen.

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A majority of Americans consistently say that it is more important for the federal government to investigate possible terrorist threats even if that intrudes on personal privacy, though the proportion giving that response has declined over time.

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Senator Lamar Alexander courtesy of Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee YouTube.

Even as liberals and conservatives are growing further away from each other on just about every issue, they are both, each for their own reasons, coalescing around a vision of a more limited federal role in education.


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Then Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) waves to supporters during a Mid-term election night party in St. Charles, Illinois November 7, 2006.  Reuters

Now is probably not the best time for House Republicans to be weakening proposed laws against sex trafficking of minors.

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Here’s today’s assortment of interesting links, charts, Venn diagrams, videos, markets in everything, economic facts, Drug War updates, and more.

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