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AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy looks at the top tech policy issues of 2015, featuring a keynote address by Sen. John Thune.

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During School Choice Week 2015, AEI’s Rick Hess, Senator Tim Scott, Thomas Stewart, and Patrick Wolf discuss Stewart and Wolf’s new book, “The School Choice Journey,” and why promoting school choice is important to expanding the range of education opportunities for every student in the United States.

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Apparently actual individuals looking for work may be more inventive than Prof. Krugman. Since that’s pretty much what appears to have happened.

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The Pew Research Center most recently asked Americans about their overall opinions of all four party leaders in the House and the Senate. Although they sit atop Capitol Hill, all four party leaders face an uphill climb to increase their standing among Americans.

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New York Times

It hasn’t been the disaster we’ve been told it was.

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School choice is a promising tool for education reform, allowing families to determine which school is best for their child and their child’s individual needs. With National School Choice Week approaching,  AEI scholars weigh in on the issue.

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‘The Forgotten Depression’ tries to understand the pre-New Deal era when the tax burden was tiny, the dollar was defined by gold and government let business do as it would. But as a guide for 21st-century policy makers, the forgotten depression is best forgotten.

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The Fourteenth Amendment clearly authorizes federal abortion legislation, including a ban on late-term abortions.

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President Obama’s middle-class tax plan targeted dual-earner couples, offering nothing to middle-class families with a stay-at-home parent. How many families are we talking about?

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And why are more economically free nations more resilient?

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