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The real problem facing us is not income inequality per se, but deepening poverty and poor economic opportunities at the bottom, which are strongly correlated with a decline in traditional family structures.

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Hard work and dogged persistence are the most important political assets, and the GOP has them in abundance.

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Welcome to Shale 2.0: A strong, increasingly efficient and productive U.S. shale industry — powered by American ingenuity and “Made in the USA” drilling and extraction technologies — is here to stay, thanks in part to an unintended gift from the Saudis.

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As we look for savings across the entire federal budget, it is critical that we recognize intelligence as a force multiplier, meaning that a relatively smaller investment in intelligence can help compensate for larger cuts elsewhere.

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It’s been tempting to think the shale boom is over, that a fall in the rig count and a small dip in US crude production signify that the high-water mark of US shale oil has come and gone. But, as the Saudis are finding out, we are just in the early innings of a new revolution.

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New Jersey Governor and probably 2016 Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie speaks at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Conference in Nashua, New Hampshire April 17, 2015. Reuters

Sometime between now and the Republican nomination, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will enjoy a rally in the polls — nationally, and maybe in New Hampshire.


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The last thing we need in an increasingly threatening world is to disadvantage ourselves while other nations enhance their own export-credit programs.

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Since its official recognition by the psychiatric establishment in 1980, post-traumatic stress disorder has expanded beyond the confines of the clinic.

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The Washington Post's Jason Rezaian is pictured here with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, pictured together on June 10, 2014. Photo courtesy of Rezaian's Twitter account.

Jason Rezaian is a canary in the coal mine.

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Maybe metrics devised for a wheat-and-steel economy of physical commodities are poorly suited for one experiencing rapid growth in software and digital content.

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