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Now in its fourth year, the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia remains beset by a problem of perception.


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If the president really aspires to be a transformational president, then John Goodman’s “do-n0-harm” health reform plan surely is not a bad place to start .

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In the health system envisioned by the administration, HHS will call all of the important shots and direct how hospitals and doctors are to care for patients. If that’s not government-run health care, what is?

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Just what kind of models are they running over there at CBO? Bad Keynesian ones, it seems.

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Obamacare should be repealed; it should be replaced with a different plan, a goal of which should be universal coverage against catastrophic expenses so that no one who falls seriously ill or is seriously injured goes without the medical care they need, regardless of ability to pay; and preferring this outcome to the Obamacare status quo is not immoral.

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By artificially keeping oil prices low, the Saudis get to deal a powerful blow to the energy revolution in the U.S. and Obama gets to take credit for low energy prices and job creation.

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Rep. Stephen Fincher introduced a bill to renew the charter of the Export-Import Bank. In this way, Fincher neatly laid out the mindset of half of the Republican Party: The GOP is the pro-business party.

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Does 2014’s performance suggest a sharps step-up in U.S. economic growth?

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In sharp contrast to public views about GMOs, 89% of scientists believe genetically modified foods are safe.

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Favorite sport poll

The Super Bowl is one of the most popular sporting events of the year. But how popular is football compared to other all-American sports, such as baseball or basketball? And how popular are the teams participating in this year’s game?

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