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In an attempt to determine the best path forward, an expert panel debates ongoing patent-reform efforts in the 114th Congress.

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Former U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney speaks at a luncheon event in Washington on July 14, 2014. Reuters

Please join AEI for a major address by former Vice President Richard B. Cheney on the consequences of the Iran nuclear deal to the security and interests of the United States and its allies in the Middle East.

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Detroit is home to the nation’s worst-performing urban school district (both financially and academically), where only 6% of its high school students are proficient in math, 4% are proficient in science, and one-third are proficient in reading. And yet a majority of Detroit teachers and administrators are ranked as “highly effective.”

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The bomb turns 70, and the world faces a new nuclear future.

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US presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks during a press availability after signing a pledge with the Republican National Committee (RNC) at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York September 3, 2015. Reuters

Trump’s issues, still raging for older voters, don’t seem to resonate with the young. And they don’t point to a way for Republicans to appeal to the electorate of the future.

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The challenge for policymakers in Nebraska and elsewhere is to craft reforms in Medicaid and other health and human service programs that open up new possibilities and opportunities for those participating in the programs rather than just giving them less support.

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Labor Day is around the corner— but before you head out of town for the weekend, check out AEI polling expert Karlyn Bowman’s latest AEI Public Opinion Study on attitudes about work in America.

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Over at the Roosevelt Institute’s “Next New Deal” blog, Mike Konczal misunderstands the key difference between federal loan programs and Income-Share agreements. ISAs are not designed to “expand the supply of credit” indiscriminately. Instead, they spread the risk of investing across students and funders to align their incentives and channel funding and people toward valuable programs.

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Tom Brady

Earlier today, a federal judge overturned the four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Judge Berman ruled that the agreement between the NFL and the players union did not give Goodell the authority to suspend Brady.

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In celebration of Labor Day, this AEI Public Opinion Study examines workers’ satisfaction with different aspects of their jobs, concerns about job security and employment, and how Americans balance work with personal life.

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Thumbnail_work infographic

As the United States celebrates Labor Day, polls show the majority of Americans are satisfied with their jobs.

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Here’s a fable that helps to illustrate how minimum wage laws that are designed to help the poor usually have effects that are exactly the opposite of those their well-intentioned sponsors intend them to have.

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