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The American Enterprise Institute is dedicated to expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise, and pursues these unchanging ideals through independent thinking, open debate, reasoned argument, and the highest standards of fact-based research. AEI’s more than sixty scholars and fellows and dozens of affiliated policy experts examine the full range of domestic and foreign policies. They include some of America’s foremost economists, legal scholars, political scientists, and foreign policy analysts.

AEI scholars testify on Capitol Hill and publish op-eds in the nation’s leading newspapers more often than those of any other think tank. They regularly appear in the media and frequently speak at academic, corporate, and professional gatherings. The Institute also hosts hundreds of conferences and lectures each year, including the American Enterprise Debates, the annual Irving Kristol Lecture, the Bradley Lecture Series, and the popular Election Watch series. AEI’s public events can be viewed online, and many are streamed live.

AEI’s regular publications include books, monographs, e-newsletters, and nineteen different periodical reports as part of our Outlook series of policy-specific essays. The online journal of ideas,, features fresh articles and commentary from AEI scholars and others on a daily basis. The Enterprise Blog at offers thoughtful, timely analysis on economic, foreign, and social policy and politics.

Research Highlights

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