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Demonstrators chant slogans as they await the arrival of presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to address a rally calling for a national $15 minimum wage bill on Capitol Hill in Washington July 22, 2015. Reuters

The idea that the minimum wage — at least for young workers — should be a “living wage” is absurd, even immoral. Employers are taking a risk when they hire people with no work experience. Why further discourage that?

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Two contrasting views on Uber and what that tells us about trusting the invisible hand of the market versus trusting the heavy hand of the government.

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While “it is never easy to pay for college, it’s just easier than most people think,” said Senator Lamar Alexander.

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A map of China is seen through a magnifying glass on a computer screen showing binary digits. REUTERS/Edgar Su

This is the most catastrophic cyberattack on the US government in history. And still the Obama administration has taken no retaliatory action.

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Africa may not be a priority for whoever becomes president in 2017, but they will face more policy decisions regarding Africa than any of their predecessors

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reacts as he delivers a statement on the Iran talks deal at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria July 14, 2015 Reuters

It is often said that the Iranians are canny negotiators. Consider that as a reward for signing a deal that does little to constrain their ultimate ambition, they are on the verge of securing more than a $100 billion windfall. Canny indeed.

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Individuality, alone in a crowd_Shutterstock_500x375

“Will everyone be whispering about you behind your back because you’re a Republican? Yes,” the professor said. I knew both the Northeast and sociology tended to lean left, but this wasn’t exactly how I expected to be welcomed to the sociology graduate program.

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Given the limits of public budgets, we shouldn’t allow the current focus on banishing student debt through increased spending to overshadow established bipartisan ideas that might achieve similar goals but at little to no cost to taxpayers.

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With a better understanding of how to avoid particular situations, a student’s chance of experiencing assault can be diminished.

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An intensification in the Greek crisis could send ripples across the global financial system that could materially affect the United States economy. Of equal concern, turmoil in Greece could allow the Russians to gain a firm foothold in the Balkans.

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