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My comments at a recent debate on the minimum wage at Northwood University in Michigan are summarized here with my top ten reasons that market-determined wages are better than government-mandated minimum wages.

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Arthur Brooks explains why being grateful is a rebellious act that can help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.

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A student walks by a college noticeboard on campus at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut November 12, 2015. More than 1,000 students, professors and staff at Yale University gathered on Wednesday to discuss race and diversity at the elite Ivy League school, amid a wave of demonstrations at US colleges over the treatment of minority students. Reuters

Obama deserves real credit for speaking up for those old ideas. If he’s serious about them, he should direct his Education Department to stop undermining them.

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If we define the problem as student loan debt, that leads to one set of policies that tend to overlook the sector’s fundamental quality problems. But if we define this as a crisis of value, then we must pursue a policy agenda that changes incentives.

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Candles are seen at a memorial tribute to the victims of Friday's attacks in Paris, at the French Shanghai Consulate in Shanghai, China, November 16, 2015. Reuters

The ISIS attacks in Paris mark a step-change in the threat that group poses to the West. The following things to do and things not to do are the correct next steps for ensuring our security.

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Taking and reading polls is more of an art than a science

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A new study found that some of our poverty statistics overstate the number of Americans in poverty. Rachidi explains why this matters for policy.

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Arthur Brooks explains why academia’s lack of political diversity is hypocritical and a cause of sub-par research.

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Exploring the family foundations and the role of changing family structures is key to fostering sustainable growth.

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Public Domain. National Center for Education Statistics - National Center for Education Statistics.

It’s time to replace political ritual with a practical exploration of how we got these NAEP scores and, most importantly, how the NAEP data can guide our math and reading education.

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