Christopher J. Conover

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The day of reckoning for President Obama’s lawless rollout of Obamacare finally will arrive this week when the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in King v. Burwell.

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When people say Obamacare is “working” the available empirical evidence suggests that these rosy assesments are either based on some other set of facts or perhaps are grounded in wishful thinking.

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As the SCOTUS oral arguments in King v. Burwell draw near, the cacophony from liberal outlets is nearly deafening.

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Are free annual checkups for adults good public policy? Al Lewis and Vik Khanna have taken to the Huffington Post to rebuke Republicans for their failure to attack Obamacare on this issue. One problem with their analysis: there is no such provision under Obamacare.

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In reaction to the House’s vote to repeal the ACA, President Obama astonishingly said the program was working better than intended. Obamacare has in fact failed on five major promises he said it would deliver.

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If the president really aspires to be a transformational president, then John Goodman’s “do-n0-harm” health reform plan surely is not a bad place to start .

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American physicians best look out: if Mr. Brill and like-minded reformers get their way in overregulating hospitals, physicians almost assuredly will be next on the chopping block.

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The idea that Obamacare will stimulate the kind of high-impact entrepreneurship of the sort we care most about remains to be proven.

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Steven Brill has correctly figured out that Obamacare will not control costs and that taxpayers will be left holding the bag. But he has far too much faith in the ability and willingness of government to tackle runaway entitlements.

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In a nation so hyper-vigilant against discrimination, how did we arrive at a world in which smokers are singled out for such exceedingly harsh economic penalties?

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