Turmoil in the Health Care System
Connectivity and its Discontents
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For anyone involved in either the consumption or delivery of health care, or of any aspect of the politics of health care, there is little doubt that the health care delivery system is in a state of turmoil. But what is the cause of that turmoil? Are consumers, armed with new information sources from the Internet, demanding more from providers? Are providers changing their standards for quality care and their resistance to cost controls? Are employers seriously looking at changes in the way they purchase health insurance? And, if these changes occur, how will the health care delivery system respond? Will employees under a defined contribution plan choose differently than did their employers? Will these changes undermine integrated health care organizations and promote specialized cottage industry providers? Or, will health care organizations develop new and improved forms of low-cost delivery that will be attractive to a new breed of price-conscious consumers?

These important questions about the future of our health care delivery system will be addressed in this health policy discussion by Professor James C. Robinson, professor of health economics at the University of California, author of The Corporate Practice of Medicine (University of California Press, 1999), and one of the country’s leading analysts of changing health care markets.


8:45 a.m.

Continental Breakfast


Opening Remarks:

Robert B. Helms, AEI


James C. Robinson, University of California at Berkeley


Lynn Etheredge, George Washington University

James Rodgers, American Medical Association


Robert B. Helms, AEI



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