The War against the Terror Masters
How We Got There. Where We Are Now. How We'll Win.
About This Event

Michael A. Ledeen's latest book, The War against the Terror Masters, tells the story of the rise of the international terror network that produced the September 11 attacks on the United States. The book also analyzes the seemingly incredible failure of successive American administrations to come to grips with terrorism and presents a detailed picture of the breakdown of our intelligence services. It describes our enemies one by one and proposes the most effective methods to defeat them.

Joining Ledeen will be two leading counterterrorist practitioners in recent American history: General Wayne Downing, formerly commander of U.S. Special Forces and until recently President Bush's top adviser on counterterrorism; and Duane Clarridge, longtime CIA official who created the agency's Counterterrorist Center in the mid-1980s and conducted successful operations against some of the world's most dangerous terrorists.

4:45 p.m. Registration
5:00 Presentation: Michael A. Ledeen, AEI

Panelists: Duane Clarridge, Central Intelligence Agency (retired)

Wayne Downing, U.S. Special Forces (retired)
7:00 Adjournment
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