Financial Services Liberalization and the Doha Round
AEI Trade Policy Series: Book Forum
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In the difficult negotiations surrounding the WTO Doha round, financial services trade liberalization represents an area where clear benefits can be demonstrated for both developed and developing countries. In her study,

The Doha Round and Financial Services Negotiations (AEI Press, December 2003), Sydney J. Key provides a framework for analyzing the role of the WTO in creating a pro-competitive financial services trade regime. She identifies the major obstacles to liberalization and presents key goals and policy options to overcome these barriers. At this event, Key will describe her findings and recommendations, and three trade and financial services experts will provide commentary on her analysis.

The views expressed by the author in The Doha Round and Financial Services Negotiations should not be interpreted as representing the views of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System or anyone else on its staff.

3:45 p.m.

Sydney J. Key, Federal Reserve System


Bernard M. Hoekman, World Bank

Peter J. Wallison, AEI

Claude E. Barfield, AEI

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