Terror, Torts, and Telecom
The Supreme Court's 2003-2004 Term
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Sometimes wrong, often imperious, but never boring: the Supreme Court has all but finished another year of energetic interventions in the nation's business, from the war on terror to campaign finance laws to deconstructing the Pledge of Allegiance.

Please join Viet Dinh, former U.S. assistant attorney general for legal policy; Notre Dame law professor Richard W. Garnett; veteran appellate litigator Edward W. Warren; and the Federalism Project's Michael S. Greve for an afternoon of spirited analysis.


2:45 p.m.




Viet D. Dinh, Georgetown University Law Center



Richard W. Garnett, Notre Dame Law School



Edward W. Warren, Kirkland & Ellis



Michael S. Greve, AEI Federalism Project


Adjournment and Reception

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Terror, Torts, and Telecom
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