Is Nuclear Power a Solution to Global Warming and Rising Energy Prices?
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Has the threat of global warming and soaring fossil fuel costs changed the prospects for nuclear energy? Advocates stress its potential cost-effectiveness and the coming generation of safe, efficient plants. Critics maintain that efficiency is a mirage and that environmental uncertainties remain. While technological advances have made nuclear power plants safer than ever, the United States has not ordered a new one since the 1970s. Yet new nuclear facilities are coming on line in India, China, and eastern Europe, while the United Kingdom and other G-8 countries have cautiously endorsed a move toward nuclear energy as an alternative to expensive and greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuel plants. Whether the legacies of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl and a determined political opposition will derail new construction remains to be seen.

Would an increased commitment to nuclear generation be wise—financially and environmentally? Will the new generation of nuclear plants be safer and more efficient? What are the regulatory constraints faced by the nuclear industry? Please join us for a conference to examine whether there has been a shift in views toward nuclear energy, and if so, what the public policy consequences will be.

8:45 a.m.
Registration and Breakfast
Welcome and Introduction
Jon Entine, AEI
Panel 1: Nuclear Power and Climate Change
Judi Greenwald, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Ernest J. Moniz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy
Steven F. Hayward, AEI
Panel 2: Economic and Regulatory Concerns
Christopher E. Paine, Natural Resources Defense Council
Paul Joskow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Richard J. Myers, Nuclear Energy Institute
Jon Entine, AEI
Keynote Address
Dale E. Klein, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Panel 3: Next Generation Nuclear
Edward Cummins, Westinghouse Nuclear
Edwin Lyman, Union of Concerned Scientists

Charles W. Pennington, NAC International
Kenneth P. Green, AEI
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  • Jon Entine, a former Emmy-winning producer for NBC News and ABC News, researches and writes about corporate responsibility and science and society. His books include No Crime But Prejudice: Fischer Homes, the Immigration Fiasco, and Extra-Judicial Prosecution (TFG Books, May 2009), about prosecutorial excesses; Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People (Grand Central Publishing, 2007), which focuses on the genetics of race; Let Them Eat Precaution: How Politics Is Undermining the Genetic Revolution in Agriculture (AEI Press, 2006), about the genetic modification of food and farming; Pension Fund Politics: The Dangers of Socially Responsible Investing (AEI Press, 2005), which reveals the effects of social investing on pension funds; and the best-selling Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk about It (Public Affairs, 2000), based on an award-winning NBC News documentary. Currently, Mr. Entine is an adviser to Global Governance Watch (GGW), a project that examines transparency and accountability issues at the United Nations (UN), in nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and in related international organizations. GGW also analyzes the impact of UN agencies and NGOs on government and corporations. He is also working on a book exploring the revolutionary impact of genomic research on medical treatments and traditional perceptions of human limits and capabilities.

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Kenneth P.


Steven F.
  • Steven F. Hayward was previously the F.K. Weyerhaeuser Fellow at AEI. He is the author of the Almanac of Environmental Trends, and the author of many books on environmental topics. He has written biographies of Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan and of Winston Churchill, and the upcoming book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Presidents. He contributed to AEI's Energy and Environment Outlook series. 
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