Development Beyond Aid: Remaking U.S. Development Policy for a Changed World
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President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to double U.S. foreign aid, and Representative Howard Berman (D-Calif.), chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, has stated that foreign aid reform will be on the agenda of the 111th Congress. Yet the field of development has changed significantly over the past decade, Listen to Audio

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with the creation of novel assistance programs like the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the emergence of entrepreneurial philanthropists. These new players are bringing market-based solutions to longstanding development challenges and transforming the approaches of donor agencies and developing-country governments.

How should foreign aid advance American purpose in the developing world, and can reform efforts bolster the U.S. foreign policy troika of defense, diplomacy, and development? Indeed, the difficulties of economic recovery in Afghanistan and Iraq illustrate the need for a more effective development policy to support core national security priorities. Could a development policy that looks beyond aid transform America’s relationships in the developing world while accelerating the fight against global poverty? Join us as distinguished participants discuss these and other important issues in a series of uniquely structured forums.

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