Why Capitalism?
Bradley Lecture by Allan H. Meltzer
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Despite almost continuous criticism and frequent predictions of the end of capitalism, the capitalist system has spread throughout the world. Once confined to western Europe, North America, and Australasia, capitalism has become the dominant form of organization in the entire world, including Asia, Latin America, and most of the former Communist satellites. In this Bradley Lecture, Allan H. Meltzer will discuss this evolution and explain why it has happened. His analysis concludes that some type of capitalist system will remain the dominant form of economic organization.

Allan H. Meltzer is a visiting scholar at AEI and the Allan H. Meltzer Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He studies monetary policy and history, tax and budget issues, international finance, and financial services. He was chairman of the International Financial Institution Advisory Commission, which issued its final report to Congress in 2000. Mr. Meltzer is the author of the monumental two-volume History of the Federal Reserve (University of Chicago Press), the second volume of which is due out in autumn of 2009.

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