CANCELED: Would a Soda Tax Help Fight Obesity?
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This event has been canceled.

With no end to the obesity epidemic in sight, several states and cities--most notably New York City--have proposed soda taxes on sugar-sweetened soda and other beverages. Their argument is that adding a penny or two per ounce would induce teenagers and adults to cut back on calories and therefore lose weight. Opponents fear that consumers would just get the same calories somewhere else. At this conference, experts John E. Calfee of AEI and Jamie Chriqui of the University of Illinois at Chicago will analyze the evidence on soda taxes and other measures, such as encouraging more exercise in schools. AEI scholar Kenneth P. Green will moderate.
9:45 a.m.

JAMIE CHRIQUI, University of Illinois at Chicago


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John E.
  • Economist John E. Calfee (1941-2011) studied the pharmaceutical industry and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with the economics of tobacco, tort liability, and patents. He previously worked at the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Economics. He had also taught marketing and consumer behavior at the business schools of the University of Maryland at College Park and Boston University. While Mr. Calfee's writings are mostly on pharmaceutical markets and FDA regulation, his academic articles and opinion pieces covered a variety of topics, from patent law and tort liability to advertising and consumer information. His books include Prices, Markets, and the Pharmaceutical Revolution (AEI Press, 2000) and Biotechnology and the Patent System (AEI Press, 2007). Mr. Calfee wrote regularly for AEI's Health Policy Outlook series. He testified before Congress and federal agencies on various topics, including alcohol advertising; biodefense vaccine research; international drug prices; and FDA oversight of drug safety.


Kenneth P.
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