9-9-9: A Discussion with Herman Cain
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GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan has incited energized discussion about the impact of taxes on Americans. The 9-9-9 plan would throw out our current tax system and replace it with a 9 percent business tax, a 9 percent personal income tax and a 9 percent national sales tax. Many economists believe that this move would promote growth, but detractors argue that the plan might raise tax rates for low-income Americans. At this event, Mr. Cain will discuss the details of his plan in a conversation with AEI’s Kevin Hassett. Following the discussion, a panel of experts will debate the merits and liabilities of 9-9-9.
8:15 AM
Registration and Breakfast

9:00 AM
Discussion with:
HERMAN CAIN, Former CEO, Godfather’s Pizza


9:30 AM
Question and Answer Session

10:05 AM
WILLIAM G. GALE, Brookings Institution
RICH LOWRIE, Friends of Herman Cain
STEPHEN MOORE, Wall Street Journal


11:00 AM
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Speaker Biographies

Herman Cain is a Republican candidate for president of the United States and the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Before leading Godfather’s Pizza, Mr. Cain held executive positions at Burger King and Pillsbury. He has been the president of the National Restaurant Association and chairman of the Board of Directors at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

William G. Gale holds the Arjay and Frances Fearing Miller Chair in Federal Economic Policy in the economic studies program at the Brookings Institution and is the codirector of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. His areas of expertise include taxation, budget and fiscal policy, private saving behavior, pensions and intergenerational transfers of wealth. Mr. Gale is a former senior staff economist for the President’s Council of Economic Advisers and a former assistant professor of economics at the University of California at Los Angeles. He is the author or co-author of numerous academic and popular books, including “Economic Effects of Fundamental Tax Reform” (Brookings Institution, 1996), “Rethinking Estate and Gift Taxation” (Brookings Institution, 2001), “Private Pensions and Public Policies” (Brookings Institution, 2004), “The Evolving Pension System: Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform” (Brookings Institution, 2005), “Aging Gracefully: Ideas to Improve Retirement Security in America” (Century Foundation, 2006) and “Automatic: Changing the Way America Saves” (Brookings Institution, 2009).

Kevin A. Hassett is the director of economic policy studies and a senior fellow at AEI. Before joining AEI, he was a senior economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and an associate professor of economics and finance at the Graduate School of Business of Columbia University, as well as a policy consultant to the Treasury Department during the George H. W. Bush and Clinton administrations. He served as an economic adviser to the George W. Bush 2004 presidential campaign, chief economic adviser to Senator John McCain during the 2000 presidential primaries and senior economic adviser to the McCain 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Hassett also writes a column for National Review.

Rich Lowrie has worked as a senior economic adviser to Herman Cain since June 2011. He is also the managing director for investments at Lowrie/Carney/String/Smith Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors and is on the advisory board of the American Conservative Union. He was previously senior vice president at McDonald Investments. 

Stephen Moore is an editorial board member and senior economics writer for The Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining The Wall Street Journal, he was the founder and president of the Club for Growth and the president of the Free Enterprise Fund. He has previously served as a senior economist on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, as a budget expert for the Heritage Foundation and as a senior economics fellow at the Cato Institute, where he published dozens of studies on federal and state tax and budget policy. He was a consultant to the National Economic Commission in l987 and research director for President Reagan’s Commission on Privatization.

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