Budget battle looms: Will Congress kick the can again?
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The annual US budget debate has been a battle of partisan differences in recent years, with no plan in sight for reconciling deficits and revenues and for placing the country on a sustainable fiscal path. The terms “government shutdown,” “fiscal cliff,” and “sequestration” have become part of the national vernacular. As we approach 2014, will the new Paul Ryan–Patty Murray budget conference committee be more successful than the supercommittee of 2011? Will both sides dig in their heels, or will public pressure force a breakthrough?

In this live and interactive Virtual Town Hall, AEI scholars Alex Brill and Kevin A. Hassett will preview the next budget battle exclusively for AEI’s campus audience. Tune in for a chance to chat with top AEI economists. Join the conversation on Twitter with #AEItownhall!

We invite you to watch the Spreecast live on this page. Full video will be available immediately.


4:00 PM
Alex Brill, AEI
Kevin A. Hassett, AEI

5:00 PM

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