Teacher quality 2.0: Toward a new era in education reform
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How can we create innovative ways to educate students and manage the teacher workforce that still comply with strict legal definitions and requirements? On Wednesday, contributors to and editors of the recently released volume “Teacher Quality 2.0: Toward a New Era in Education Reform” gathered for an AEI Google Hangout discussion.

Katharine Strunk of the University of Southern California described her chapter on collective bargaining agreements, suggesting that these contracts be broken down into guiding principles that protect teachers while prioritizing student learning. Billie Gastic of Relay Graduate School of Education spoke about prioritizing student needs in the context of innovative teacher preparation programs, which have put forward explicit notions of what good teaching is and implemented strong accountability systems. Finally, Dan Goldhaber of the University of Washington–Bothel stressed the importance of education researchers partnering with school districts to discover which innovations actually boost achievement.

AEI’s Mike McShane closed the Hangout by asking whether we should consider these innovative school models lasting reforms or simply fads. Panelists agreed that there is tremendous potential for lasting change because these innovations increase the reach of good teachers and leaders. However, they cautioned that without changing school structures, lasting reform is unlikely to succeed.
--Jenn Hatfield

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Over the last decade, teacher-quality policy has taken center stage in US education debates nationwide. States and districts are rethinking how to fill classrooms with the best teachers, considering everything from teacher preparation to evaluation. Meanwhile, school leaders are rethinking teacher roles and school organization, which could lead to innovations that do not fit the current education policy agenda.

Please join AEI for a conversation among several contributors to the new volume “Teacher Quality 2.0: Toward a New Era in Education Reform” (Harvard Education Press, 2014), edited by Frederick M. Hess and Michael Q. McShane. Panelists will discuss the intersection of teacher-quality policy and innovation, exploring roadblocks and possibilities.


3:00 PM
Billie Gastic, Relay Graduate School of Education
Dan Goldhaber, University of Washington–Bothell
Michael Q. McShane, AEI
Katharine Strunk, University of Southern California

4:15 PM

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For more information, please contact Jenn Hatfield at [email protected], 202.862.5859.

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For media inquiries, please contact [email protected], 202.862.5829.

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