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Event Summary

On Friday, an expert panel joined Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Ohio Gov. John Kasich to discuss their proposal to stabilize the individual insurance market and to make a series of other health reforms. The first panel, moderated by AEI’s Joseph Antos, set the stage by discussing many of the proposal’s key points. Cori Uccello from the American Academy of Actuaries discussed how the policy uncertainty facing insurers contributes to increasing insurance premiums. Topher Spiro of the Center for American Progress discussed how the framework the Affordable Care Act set in place works alongside the governors’ proposal. Avik Roy from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity then discussed how the proposal misses several crucial points, such as regulatory reform.

Govs. Hickenlooper and Kasich then discussed their proposal in a panel moderated by Vox’s Sarah Kliff. The two stressed the importance of stabilizing the individual insurance market in the near term and maintaining a bipartisan approach. They spoke of the need for compromise as the health care debate moves forward.

-Clayton Hale

Event Description

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) changed how the health insurance market works, making coverage available to everyone regardless of their health status. This year’s premium increase and the departure of insurers from some local markets have raised concerns that those markets are unstable. Uncertainty about the federal government’s commitment to promoting this market and paying insurers for new cost-sharing reductions required by the ACA has created new concerns for 2018.

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have developed a bipartisan proposal to stabilize the individual insurance market and reform the health system. They will discuss their blueprint in a conference jointly sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for American Progress. Additionally, an expert panel will discuss the challenges of ensuring access to affordable health coverage.

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9:00 AM

9:15 AM
Panel discussion
Avik Roy, Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity
Topher Spiro, Center for American Progress
Cori Uccello, American Academy of Actuaries

Joseph Antos, AEI

10:00 AM

10:15 AM
Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress

10:20 AM
Keynote discussion:
John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado
John Kasich, Governor of Ohio

Sarah Kliff, Vox

10:45 AM

11:00 AM

Event Contact Information

For more information, please contact Isabelle Staff at [email protected], 202.862.5885.

Media Contact Information

For media inquiries, please contact [email protected], 202.862.5829

Speaker Biographies

Joseph Antos is the Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy at AEI, where his research focuses on the economics of health policy — including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, the uninsured, and the overall reform of the health care system and its financing. He also studies the impact of health care expenditures on federal budget policy. Before joining AEI, Dr. Antos was assistant director for health and human resources at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). He has also held senior positions in the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Office of Management and Budget, and the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. He recently completed a seven-year term as health adviser to CBO and two terms as a commissioner of the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission. Dr. Antos has a Ph.D. and an M.A. in economics from the University of Rochester and a B.A. in mathematics from Cornell University.

John Hickenlooper is the governor of Colorado. He is a former geologist and entrepreneur who champions innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. Since taking office in 2011, he and his team have endeavored to make Colorado the most pro-business state in the nation, with the highest environmental and ethical standards. He recently published a memoir titled “The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics” (Penguin Press, 2016).

John Kasich is the governor of Ohio. As governor, his top priority is to create a jobs-friendly climate so Ohioans can get back to work. After leaving Congress in 2000 and running for president, Mr. Kasich worked as a managing director in the Investment Banking Division of Lehman Brothers, where he helped companies secure the resources they needed to succeed and create jobs. He was also a commentator for Fox News and a presidential fellow at his alma mater, The Ohio State University. He is the author of three New York Times bestsellers: “Courage Is Contagious: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things to Change the Face of America” (Main Street Books, 1999), “Stand for Something: The Battle for America’s Soul” (Grand Central Publishing, 2007), and “Every Other Monday: Twenty Years of Life, Lunch, Faith, and Friendship” (Atria Books, 2010), which focuses on the importance of faith in making both everyday choices and life-changing decisions.

Sarah Kliff is a senior editor at Vox. She is one of the country’s leading health policy journalists and has written extensively on the battle over the Affordable Care Act. Before joining Vox, she covered health policy for The Washington Post, where she was a founding writer at Wonkblog. She has also covered health policy for Politico and Newsweek magazine.

Avik Roy is a founder of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity and a former senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He is also the opinion editor at Forbes and has advised Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) on policy. In 2015, he was a senior adviser to former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and in 2012, he served as a health care policy adviser to Mitt Romney. He is the founder of Roy Healthcare Research, an investment research firm, and previously he was an analyst and portfolio manager at Bain Capital and JPMorgan. Mr. Roy is the principal author of The Apothecary, the Forbes blog on health care policy and entitlement reform, and author of “Transcending Obamacare: A Patient-Centered Plan for Near-Universal Coverage and Permanent Fiscal Solvency” (Manhattan Institute, 2014) and “How Medicaid Fails the Poor” (Encounter Books, 2013). His research interests include the Affordable Care Act, universal coverage, entitlement reform, international health systems, veterans’ health care, and Food and Drug Administration policy. He studied molecular biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and attended the Yale University School of Medicine.

Topher Spiro is the vice president for health policy and a senior fellow for economic policy at the Center for American Progress (CAP). He leads teams in conducting policy analysis and mobilizing grassroots resistance in defense of the Affordable Care Act. He has regularly advised senior administration officials and members of Congress on policy and strategy. He often testifies before Congress and has appeared on NPR, CNBC, and C-SPAN. Before joining CAP, he worked on health and economic policy in the US Senate. He served as deputing staff director for health policy for the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions under Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA). Mr. Spiro received his B.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Neera Tanden is the president and CEO of the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the Center for American Progress Action Fund. She has served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations and for presidential campaigns and think tanks. Most recently, she served as the chief operating officer for CAP. She previously served as senior adviser for health reform at the Department of Health and Human Services, working on President Barack Obama’s health reform team in the White House. Before that, she was the director of domestic policy for the Obama-Biden presidential campaign. She has also served as policy director for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, where she directed all policy work, managed day-to-day policy announcements, and oversaw the debate-preparation process. Before the presidential campaign, Ms. Tanden served as senior vice president for academic affairs at CAP. Before that, she was one of the first senior staff members at CAP, joining as senior vice president for domestic policy when CAP first opened its doors. In 2000, she was Hillary Clinton’s deputy campaign manager and issues director for her Senate campaign in New York. Ms. Tanden also served as associate director for domestic policy in the Clinton White House and as senior policy adviser to the first lady. She received her B.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles and her law degree from Yale Law School.

Cori Uccello is an actuary and the senior health fellow at the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA). She serves as the actuarial profession’s chief public policy liaison on health issues. In this role, she promotes the formulation of sound health policy by providing nonpartisan technical assistance to federal and state policymakers and regulators. Ms. Uccello helped lead the AAA’s efforts to provide guidance to federal and state regulators regarding the implementation of various provisions in the Affordable Care Act, including those related to coverage and market reforms, actuarial value, and risk-sharing mechanisms. Her current work focuses on examining the implications of alternative coverage approaches and proposals to stabilize the market. She is also actively involved in the AAA’s efforts to encourage policymakers to improve Medicare’s financial condition and served two terms as a commissioner on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. Before joining the AAA, Ms. Uccello was a senior research associate at the Urban Institute, where she focused on health insurance and retirement policy issues. She is a graduate of Boston College and received a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University.

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