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The U.S. health system is recognized as the world’s leader in clinical innovation, yet millions of Americans do not have health insurance, reducing their access to those life-enhancing and life-saving treatments. AEI has invited twenty academic experts from around the country as well as members of the Washington health policy community to discuss those issues. The first session takes a hard look at what the federal government can do to promote health insurance coverage for all Americans. The second session addresses how Food and Drug Administration regulation affects medical progress. Mark McClellan, newly-appointed commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, will give the luncheon address and will discuss the administration’s health policies.


10:45 a.m.Registration
11:00Session I: Designing Workable and Efficient Health Policy: A Look at Political and Economic Feasibility
Introduction: The Challenge for the Administration and the Next Congress
Speaker:Newt Gingrich, AEI
The Economic Reality of Health Insurance Coverage
Speaker:Mark Pauly, University of Pennsylvania
Discussants:Roger Feldman, University of Minnesota
Michael Morrisey, University of Alabama at Birmingham
12:15 p.m.Luncheon
Luncheon Address: Politics, Policy, and Progress: A Perspective from the Administration
Mark McClellan, Food and Drug Administration
1:30Session II: Should the FDA Regulate Medical Progress? A Roundtable Discussion
Panelists:John E. Calfee, AEI
Scott Gottlieb, AEI
Henry Grabowski, Duke University
Peter Neumann, Harvard University

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