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On Thursday, AEI hosted the new US ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Carlos Trujillo, for a conversation with one of his predecessors, AEI’s Roger F. Noriega.

In the conversation, Amb. Trujillo introduced himself to the audience and discussed how his busy first few weeks in the Trump administration have progressed. He recently returned from the eighth Summit of the Americas, where he and Vice President Mike Pence met with leaders from around the hemisphere and reenergized the efforts of civil society groups that have been working to restore democracy in challenging political environments.

The discussion also covered the international response to the deteriorating political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Amb. Trujillo emphasized the need for focus both within the Trump administration and the OAS on responding appropriately to the upcoming May 20 elections in Venezuela, which are widely expected to be rigged. He said that the governments of the entire region should be doing more to hold the Maduro regime accountable and expressed support for US sanctions, which have been effective in punishing the regime. Amb. Trujillo also urged the OAS Permanent Council to investigate the recent unrest and violence in Nicaragua, where government forces allegedly killed more than 40 people.

— Kevin Reagan

Event Description

In March, the US Senate confirmed Carlos Trujillo as the next US ambassador to the Organization of American States, just before the Summit of the Americas. Amb. Trujillo joins the Trump administration amid significant challenges and opportunities facing Latin America, the Caribbean, and the inter-American system. Crises such as the outflow of citizens from Venezuela represent an immediate challenge. Pro-US, free-market leaders in Argentina, Chile, and elsewhere — who are seeking to chart a path forward for the region — would benefit from closer US diplomatic and economic engagement. Yet regional leaders are acknowledging publicly that corruption is an urgent problem for our hemisphere.

Join AEI as Amb. Trujillo shares his reflections on the eighth Summit of the Americas, insights into the Trump administration’s strategy in the region, and his vision for the future of inter-American relations.

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Roger F. Noriega, AEI
Carlos Trujillo, Organization of American States

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For more information, please contact Kevin Reagan at [email protected], 202.828.6035.

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For media inquiries, please contact [email protected], 202.862.5829

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Event Speaker Biographies

Roger F. Noriega is a visiting fellow at AEI and the founder and managing director of Visión Américas LLC, which advises US and foreign clients on international business issues. He served as the assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs from July 2003 to October 2005 and as the US ambassador to the Organization of American States from August 2001 to July 2003. Mr. Noriega is currently vice chairman of the board of directors of the Congressional Award Foundation and a member of the advisory boards of the Canadian American Border Trade Partnership and the Americano, an online forum for Latino voters.

Carlos Trujillo was sworn in as the US permanent representative to the Organization of American States on March 30, 2018, and presented his credentials to the organization on April 5, 2018. A prominent Florida attorney and politician, he served as the state representative in the Florida House of Representatives from 2010 to 2017. Known for his constituent advocacy, legal acumen, and leadership, Amb. Trujillo is fluent in Spanish and has a thorough understanding of Latin American politics. Before his ambassadorial confirmation, he also served as special adviser at the United States Mission to the United Nations. Previously, he served as assistant state attorney, Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office.

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