Banter is the official policy podcast of the American Enterprise Institute. Hosts Matt Winesett and Max Frost break down the most pressing public policy issues of the day with AEI scholars, policymakers, business leaders, and other experts from around the country. Published each week, Banter offers a commute-length look into the policy debates happening in Washington, DC, and their implications for the rest of the world. Listen online below or subscribe on iTunes here and send your questions, comments, and suggestions to us at [email protected].

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In “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” (Free Press, 2019), former New York Times columnist Alex Berenson argues the risks of marijuana are not only misunderstood but underestimated.

Axios kicked off 2019 with a headline proclaiming: “AI expert warns automation could take 40% of jobs by 2035.” This is the baseline consensus according to Axios future editor Steve LeVine. But is it accurate? And if it is, how can workers and students today prepare?

Economist Aparna Mathur writes that “it’s time to give low-skill immigrants their due,” noting the crucial role they play in the US economy. But what impact does immigration have on native-born wages, especially at a time when many working-age Americans aren’t in the labor force? We discuss these questions and more.

In his final appearance on “Banter” as AEI’s president, Arthur Brooks discusses his latest book, how the political landscape has shifted since he took office in 2009, the role of think tanks in shaping the public debate, and much more.

The acclaimed conservative columnist joins “Banter” to discuss his latest book, the American founding, the underpinnings of American conservatism, and much more.

For the past seven years Chris Arnade has traveled around the United States photographing and interviewing residents of this country’s forgotten communities. We spoke to him about what he’s learned from these experiences.

The latest National Defense Strategy shifts our focus from the Pentagon’s “two-war” metric: Now instead of ensuring the US could simultaneously defeat two regional militaries, the new emphasis is on deterring China and Russia. But is the defense budget up to the task?

Why are millennials so liberal? How much did the Great Recession hurt millennials specifically? And do we really spend all our money on Chipotle and avocado toast? The Wall Street Journal’s Joseph C. Sternberg joined us to discuss these questions and more.

Did millions of women entering the work force actually make families worse off? It’s a counterintuitive argument put forward at different times by both Elizabeth Warren and Tucker Carlson — but Michael Strain disagrees. 

The AEI scholar and professor of national security studies joins us to discuss the history of Republican foreign policy and explain what a coherent conservative vision should look like going forward.

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