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Banter is the official policy podcast of the American Enterprise Institute. Hosts Matt Winesett and Max Frost break down the most pressing public policy issues of the day with AEI scholars, policymakers, business leaders, and other experts from around the country. Published each week, Banter offers a commute-length look into the policy debates happening in Washington, DC, and their implications for the rest of the world. Listen online below or subscribe on iTunes here and send your questions, comments, and suggestions to us at [email protected].

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On this episode of Banter we discuss why the panic over a “population bomb” is so misguided, what’s causing declining fertility rates across the world, and what these shifting demographics will likely mean for the United States and the world.

AEI fellow and WSJ columnist Sadanand Dhume discusses what the elections might mean for the future of India, Asia, and the United States.

How will Brexit affect the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland? What will be the impact on Ireland’s economy? And excluding Guinness, what are the Ambassador’s favorite types of beer? On this episode of Banter, we discuss these questions and much more.

In this episode, former chief economist of the IMF Raghuram Rajan talks with us about what’s causing the erosion of communities across the developed world, what can be done about it, and much more.

When Theresa May took over as Prime Minister, she announced that “Brexit means Brexit.” However now the fate of her deal to leave the EU is uncertain. With negotiations still ongoing, we interviewed AEI fellow Dalibor Rohac to break down what’s happening and what it all means.

With the recent election of Jair Bolsonaro, has Brazil reached a turning point? With the Brazilian president in Washington now to meet with President Trump, Dr. Ryan C. Berg joined us to discuss.

Why do women wage war? And what should be done about the so-called ISIS brides who now wish to return to the West? AEI fellow Jessica Trisko Darden joins us to discuss.

What is the American Dream, and what killed it for so many communities? In his new book, “Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse,” Tim Carney explores these questions. He joined us on Banter this week to discuss.

How do we avoid war on the Korean peninsula? And how will the ongoing US-China rivalry play out? Dr. Mastro joined Banter to discuss the second Trump-Kim summit.

What is the purpose of a higher education? Why does it cost so much? And how come college campuses seem to be so left-leaning? On this episode of Banter, Harvard president Larry Bacow joined us to discuss.

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