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The Factual Feminist is a weekly vlog from Christina Hoff Sommers on topics relating to feminism and gender scholarship. In each episode, Sommers not only tackles issues affecting the nation’s women, but she also debunks false claims and erroneous statistics used to promote a misleading agenda.

The Factual Feminist appears periodically and can be shared via social media and email. Feel free to post it on websites; blog or tweet about it; or leave comments via Facebook or YouTube. The Factual Feminist team will try to respond when we can! If you think we get something wrong, please let us know. We are always open to criticism. Fact-based feminism can be a powerful force for good!

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Latest Content

Take two breaths and listen to renowned activist Irshad Manji discuss her new book “Don’t Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times” with Christina & Danielle.

Christina regales Danielle with tales of her travel Down Under debating Roxane Gay; meanwhile, Danielle eats ant larvae in Mexico City. It was quite a spring break!

Jordan B. Peterson joins AEI’s Christina Hoff Sommers to discuss the current cultural climate and the role that the canon of Western literature plays in it.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside": Too risky for the airwaves? | IN 60 SECONDS

The Christmas classic “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has begun disappearing from the airwaves amid accusations that it promotes sexual entrapment. The Factual Feminist begs to differ.

Christina and Danielle brace for the season of binge drinking PLUS catch up on the most crazy recent #MeToo stories and answer listener feedback.

Factual feminist Christina hoff sommers

Christina Hoff Sommers debunks false claims used by the left to promote a misleading agenda.

Christina Hoff Sommers at YAF

Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers delivers remarks at a recent YAF conference. Below is a clip of that presentation.

There is much debate today on what exactly makes one a feminist. Experts discuss equity feminism, toxic masculinity, and the #MeToo movement.

In June 2018, the Thomson Reuters Foundation published the results of a poll identifying “the world’s most dangerous countries for women.”

While some observers claim that free speech on campus is in crisis, others argue that college students are more likely support free speech than any other group. Who’s right?

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