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GOP Debate

The Republicans vying to challenge Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election face a dangerous world, and many questions on the campaign trail about whether they are ready to be commander in chief. Do they appreciate the implications of China’s rise? Do they understand the principles behind America’s alliance with Israel? What will their answer be to the challenge from Iran? How will they respond to the collapse of the Eurozone? Will they keep troops in Afghanistan? Can they articulate a clear vision for America’s role in the world? AEI has been asking—and answering—questions about global security for more than 70 years. Today, our foreign and defense policy scholars stand on the leading edge of public policy, shaping the conversation about U.S. strength abroad. On Nov. 22, the candidates were posed foreign policy and national security questions at the CNN debate co-sponsored by AEI and the Heritage Foundation. AEI analysts prepared briefings surrounding the debate about the top security issues that all Americans should be thinking about.

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Beginning Oct. 3, the candidates face off on key domestic and foreign policy issues, and AEI analysts are at the ready with pre- and post-debate analysis.

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This has been the strangest battle for a major party presidential nomination that I have ever seen. One of the most striking features of the pre-primary stage of the past six months or so has been the primacy of debates. 

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Why does Mitt Romney sound so corny? It seems to me that Romney missed one experience which changed the outlook and even the vocabulary of most of his schoolmates. This is a man who never experienced the ’60s. You know what I mean: peace demonstrations, dope smoking, ironic detachment, all that.

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The core of Newt Gingrich’s strategy has been to plant a question in the minds of Republican voters. The question he wants them to ask is, “Whom would you most like to see debate Barack Obama?”

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Keep seven keys in mind when making sense of what the Republican field is (and isn’t) saying on education.

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Herman Cain at CPAC

Herman Cain still has significant liabilities as a candidate and could make a disqualifying mistake any time. But he’s beginning to look like a contender.

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