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The AEI Political Report is a monthly newsletter covering current topics in public opinion and in the American political realm. These topics include the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as elections, polls on current social issues, and issues pertaining to state government. AEI Political Reports are a review of historical and current polling on the most prominent issues in American politics today.

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People hug on the street near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal attacks in Paris, France, November 14, 2015. Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens of people in what a shaken French President described as an unprecedented terrorist attack. Reuters

The December issue of AEI’s Political Report looks back at public opinion on terrorism and the situation in Syria in the months leading up to the attacks in Paris and assesses the strength of the Tea Party, what Americans think about a third party, and strong partisan divisions on the role of government.

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President Barack Obama hosts a bipartisan meeting of Congressional leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House in Washington, January 13, 2015. Reuters

How dissatisfied are Republicans with their party and with its members of Congress? The November issue of AEI’s Political Report provides the answer.

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Andrew Cline /

The October issue of AEI’s Political Report examines public opinion on political outsiders, the economy seven years after the 2008 financial crisis, and income inequality.

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This issue of Political Report looks at how views of women in politics have changed over time, public opinion on electing a female president, men’s and women’s voting patterns, issues that drive the gender gap, and more.

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This issue of AEI’s Political Report explores people’s views about where they live and Social Security, ahead of the program’s 80th anniversary.

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Obamacare. Same-sex marriage. Race relations and President Obama. Trade. The Patriot Act. The 2016 Campaign. Summer is here, and the June issue of AEI’s Political Report assesses the latest polls on the hottest topics in the news.

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Do Americans think income inequality is a problem? The short answer is yes, and the May issue of AEI’s Political Report takes a close look at what the polls show.

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The April issue of AEI’s Political Report compares public opinion on the George W. Bush and Obama administrations’ handling of terrorism, assesses how much terrorism and ISIS concern Americans, and examines public opinion on taxes.

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The March issue of AEI’s Political Report examines how Americans define “middle class” in terms of income and lifestyle, who identifies as belonging in the middle class, what economic challenges this class faces, and who Americans think best helps the middle class overcome those challenges.

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The February issue of AEI’s Political Report examines racial differences in opinion on the police at the national and community levels.

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