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Tax reform

Each year, April 15th is a reminder of the need for tax reform. The U.S. tax code is complex, cumbersome, and costly to American families and businesses.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Take a moment this tax season to review AEI’s research on taxes and learn how the U.S. can embark on policies to correct our fiscal path while encouraging economic growth.


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A broad-based tax reform is emerging again as an important item on the national agenda. It’s time to broaden the lens even more and bring into the discussion the tax that is most consequential to the middle class.

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Any attempt to differentiate between the rich and middle classes should account for the differences in cost of living across different regions.

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President Obama finally found a tax cut Republicans don’t like.

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President Obama is totally abandoning the principal that sound tax reform (lower tax rates applied to a tax base enlarged by loophole closing) is favorable to a purely political package that modestly shifts the tax burden to higher income households, or the ambiguously defined ‘rich.’

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The parties are too far apart to enact a sweeping reform of the US tax code that includes the personal-income tax.

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The nation is being deprived of a substantial amount of human capital by family fragmentation. Young people are achieving less than their potential, with cumulative negative consequences for all of us.

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The GOP needs a new “useful function” — helping middle-class class and poor Americans climb the opportunity ladder.

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Republicans, instead of listening to their K Street friends, ought to see the debate over expiring tax provisions as a chance for minor tax reform — and even for some populism of their own.

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On his gatesnotes blog, Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist Bill Gates offers his thoughts about inequality, particularly concerning economist Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.”

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Realistic tax reform should be part of any pro-growth agenda. But there should be lots more to a pro-growth agenda than just lowering top rates.

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