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President Barack Obama held up the US strategy to counter al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen as a model for American counter-terrorism strategy elsewhere. Conditions in Yemen directly affect the success of that model. Yemen faces a myriad of security threats from the al Houthi movement to a southern secessionist movement, as well as deteriorating socio-economic conditions and natural resources. Learn more about the challenges in Yemen.

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Though it is not yet playing out that way on the ground, ISIS will likely see the tension between Yemen’s Sunni and Shiite communities as an opening to exploit and drive Yemen’s conflict toward a fully sectarian conflict.

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Iran’s seven ship cargo convoy, joined by two naval vessels previously tasked to the area, is an unusually high profile operation for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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News recently broke that the Iranian convoy suspected of carrying weapons intended for Yemeni rebels, and subsequently shadowed by U.S. warships, had turned around and was now headed in the direction of home. In addition, the recent warning from China that North Korea’s nuclear threat is on the rise is discussed.

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An accounting of combat forces (air, land, and sea) currently arrayed as part of the 2015 Yemen Intervention.

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That the American warship USS Theodore Roosevelt has been sent to monitor an Iranian convoy headed for Yemen has become clear. Why that decision was made in the first place, however, is something Washington officials are struggling to agree on.

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Concerned about Iran sending weapon shipments to Yemen, in order to help provide support for Houthi rebels there, the U.S. recently sent a warship to the region for monitoring of any such suspected activity.

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War seems to be only answer President Obama has for the myriad challenges facing the Arab world.

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If forming a successful Houthi proxy was Iran’s original goal in Yemen, defeating Riyadh and its new Sunni alliance has quickly become Tehran’s top priority.

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Iranian media recently reported that the country has deployed warships near Yemen. The decision reflects a heightening of the stakes in the fighting between the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the Shiite Muslim militants working closely with Iran.


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As China’s far-seas military capabilities mature and as its overseas interests expand, expect Beijing to face domestic pressure to expand its mission set.

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