AEI Scholars on Foreign and Defense Policy

Ali AlfonehIran; Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps; Civil-military relations in Iran, the Middle East, and North Africa
Leon AronRussian domestic politics; Russian foreign policy; U.S.–Russian relations; Post-Soviet evolution: social, cultural, and economic aspects
Michael AuslinJapan; Asian security; U.S.–East Asian relations; U.S.–Japanese relations; Asia-Pacific multilateral organizations; Asian maritime security
Roger BateCounterfeit pharmaceuticals; performance of aid agencies and NGOs in Africa; health policy and endemic diseases (HIV/AIDS and malaria) in developing countries
John R. BoltonNorth Korea; Iran; Middle East and Israel; Taiwan and China; nuclear proliferation; U.S. foreign policy; international organizations and treaties including the UN and ICC; international law
Dan BlumenthalLong-term strategic issues for the Asia Pacific region; China; Taiwan; East Asia; South Asia regional issues
Mauro de LorenzoDevelopment aid; African domestic politics; African security issues; East and Central Africa (Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Uganda); refugee and humanitarian policy; Chinese overseas investment in Africa
Thomas DonnellyDefense issues related to Afghanistan and Pakistan; defense spending; director of AEI's Center for Defense Studies
Nicholas EberstadtEconomic development policy; Asian demographic and health issues including HIV/AIDS; North and South Korea
Jon EntineNongovernmental organizations; sovereignty
Frederick W. KaganDefense and military strategy in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan; security developments in Pakistan; Russian and European military history; director of AEI's Critical Threats Project
Hassan MneimnehJihadist organizations (al-Qaeda)
Roger F. NoriegaLatin America; the Caribbean
Richard PerleDefense and national security issues in Europe; Russia; Eurasia; intelligence
Danielle Pletka

Middle East; Iran; U.S. foreign policy and regional issues

Michael RubinArab democracy; Iran and the Middle East; Turkey; the Kurds; Iraq; Syria; diplomatic engagement with rogue states
Gary J. SchmittStrategic issues in China, Taiwan, and Europe; transatlantic relations; NATO; counterterrorism issues; national security and intelligence issues
Paul WolfowitzAfrican development issues including public -private partnerships and entrepreneurship; Indonesia; U.S. foreign policy
John YooInternational law

Also contributing to AEI's Foreign and Defense Policy Studies

Newt Gingrich
Philip I. Levy
John H. Makin
Tim Sullivan