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Any effective climate strategy will have to rely upon a combination of emissions reductions, adaptation, and, if circumstances warrant, some degree of geoengineering. [Read more]
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Samuel Thernstrom believes geoengineering may have an important role to play, both practically and conceptually, in the climate challenge process. [Read more]
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The United Nations conference in Copenhagen will follow in the hypocritical footsteps of Kyoto, with countries declaring their resolution to curb GHG emissions while at the same time either refusing to pay the costs or claiming exemption from controls. [Read more]
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Climate policy should focus on human welfare, not just reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. [Read more]
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Despite great concern regarding the likely net negative effects of global warming in the long run, astonishingly little progress has been made to prevent such outcomes. [Read more]
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Gradually lowering greenhouse gas emissions would be worthwhile were all states to join in the effort, but absent such strong, broad-based action, countries should explore other means of limiting harm from climate change. [Read more]
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Although it creates only a slight reduction in the amount of solar energy absorbed by the Earth, solar radiation management should be a part of U.S. climate policy. [Read more]
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Though efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have faltered, there do exist other climate policy options that may offer timely and relatively cheap methods for offsetting some of the harmful effects of climate change. [Read more]
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After years of deadlock over climate policy, Congress appears poised to enact the first federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions this fall. [Read more]
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Energy Secretary Steven Chu made headlines when he proposed "soft" geoengineering by painting roofs and roads white in order to reflect sunlight back into space. That idea might seem absurd to some, but Chu has done the nation a service. [Read more]
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The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 is an ambitious attempt to meet the very real challenges posed by greenhouse gases. [Read more]
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Real progress on climate policy will require many, many decades. [Read more]
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Can global warming be stopped? Ask a geoengineer. [Read more]
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Research suggests that institutions limit the extent to which efficient policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be adopted. [Read more]
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Geoengineering could be one of the very best ways of hedging against the larger risks and uncertainties that surround climate policy. [Read more]
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Geoengineering could prove to be a viable solution to global warming. [Read more]
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