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Researchers, administrators, field staff, and youth representatives discuss the SSI youth program, efforts to improve it, and new avenues for improving the life outcomes of youth with disabilities.

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A struggling European economy facing deflation and a strong political backlash against austerity does not have the luxury of time to get its act together.

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Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf  departs the stage with National Journal correspondent Nancy Cook following an onstage interview at The Atlantic's Economy Summit in Washington March 18, 2014.

The problem with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) isn’t who is in charge of it. The problem is the importance placed on who the person in charge is, particularly because CBO makes such opaque assumptions in its budget analyses. More transparency would solve these problems.

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In order to (1) better understand why fewer men are working, and (2) understand how public policy can best attempt to reverse that trend, we simply need to know more than we know today about workers, potential workers, and the tasks firms want them to do.

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broadband photo

Richard Bennett provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about broadband quality, Internet regulation in the US, and the future of the Internet ecosystem.

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Although necessary and overdue, quantitative easing by the ECB will not be enough to turn around Europe’s economy.

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Today’s decision by the Greek government to present a budget for 2015 that is in open defiance of the wishes of its European Union and IMF paymasters is of singular importance.

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The real disappointment of President Obama’s executive action on immigration is that it distracts Congress and the American public from the far more important issue of the need to reform the entire US immigration system.

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US has the least competitive corporate tax rate in the OECD

Here are three charts that illustrate just how high the US corporate tax rate is compared to other countries.

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Conventional wisdom tells us the US is falling behind in the broadband race. Do the data agree? AEI visiting fellow Richard Bennett presents his research on this topic and experts discuss.

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The rise in the federal government’s revenue needs is likely to prompt efforts to increase the already-high tax burden on saving in upcoming decades. This threat to growth can be averted by moving to progressive consumption taxation.

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Internet traffic comparisons can help quantify the broad-based success of the US broadband economy and substantially disprove some of the most common and crucial arguments in favor of government regulation of the Internet.

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