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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D-RI, presents his proposal for a carbon tax, followed by debate on its merits.

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The latest from James Pethokoukis and the AEIdeas blog.

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There are many problems with the US corporate tax code, but the solution is not to impose more burdensome regulations on firms. The only feasible and practical long-term solution is for the US to reform its corporate tax code.

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Some apparent good news regarding America’s entrepreneurial dynamism — and the health of the US economy.

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It is by no means clear that NSA surveillance reform will be achieved before congress meets its deadline. What can be done to restore balance?

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Supporters attend a "Raise the Wage" rally in New York May 7, 2015. Governor Cuomo said on Wednesday he would create a so-called Wage Board, a move apparently designed to allow him to raise the minimum wage without the approval of state lawmakers.  Reuters

Unions and the $15 minimum wage.

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The real problem facing us is not income inequality per se, but deepening poverty and poor economic opportunities at the bottom, which are strongly correlated with a decline in traditional family structures.

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It’s been tempting to think the shale boom is over, that a fall in the rig count and a small dip in US crude production signify that the high-water mark of US shale oil has come and gone. But, as the Saudis are finding out, we are just in the early innings of a new revolution.

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The last thing we need in an increasingly threatening world is to disadvantage ourselves while other nations enhance their own export-credit programs.

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Maybe metrics devised for a wheat-and-steel economy of physical commodities are poorly suited for one experiencing rapid growth in software and digital content.

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European policymakers must be alert to the heightened risks that now face the European economy following the Spanish elections.

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