Environmental and Energy Economics

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Working on an economic story today? Here’s the latest from AEI experts on today’s economic stories.

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Is climate change necessarily bad for mankind?

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The current ban on crude oil exports was enacted based on two untrue fallacies. Removing it will lead to positive economic outcomes.

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An assessment of salient points in two of the encyclical’s themes: the environment as “common good” and the “technocratic paradigm”

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Yoko Ono speaks as her son Sean Lennon (L) looks on during a news conference launching Artists Against Fracking in New York, August 29, 2012.  Reuters

As we consider the critical need to add natural gas pipeline capacity in the Northeast, let’s hope common sense prevails, even if Yoko Ono and the fracktivists have none.

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The Climate Action Plan and other policies that aim to reduce global temperatures are unlikely to make any measurable impact.

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US farmers don’t need support from US taxpayers, either directly or through legislation that restricts the supply of a commodity to raise its price.

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Pope Francis conducts a mass before presenting palliums to Archbishops in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican June 29, 2015. Reuters

Can reduced wealth yield environmental improvement?

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There are two essential questions for the future of energy: Will the PRC continue to accept, however grudgingly, the world order in most of its dimensions, or more aggressively try to reshape it in accordance with its own perceived interests?

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An employee turns a valve at a gas compressor station in the village of Boyarka, outside Kiev, April 22, 2015. Russian natural gas producer Gazprom said on Wednesday Kiev owed it $174.2 million for gas supplied to eastern Ukraine since the beginning of the year.  Reuters

While Russia depends on its gas exports to Europe, the frantic efforts to build alternative gas routes to Europe have little to do with economics or energy security.

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