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The Common Core contradicts the fact that America’s education system was designed to be handled on a local level.

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While it’s certainly an overreaction to argue that Bush’s support for Common Core is a poison pill before the first ballot is cast, the tea leaves suggest an uphill climb in the key states that will make or break Republican nominees.

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Covering an education story today? Here’s the latest from the experts on the AEI education team.

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As Shakira parrots numbers, keep in mind that these statistics are true for one specialized program, and were never meant to be applied universally to all preschool initiatives.

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The natural temptation to support autonomy with rules attached lends itself to stacked rules and regulations that can make charter schools begin to look identical to the traditional district schools they are trying to challenge.

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America’s K–12 standardized-testing system has fallen short in providing educators with the necessary tools to improve student achievement. Administering frequent hybrid exams—which combine traditional classroom-summative tests with state-standardized test questions—could help students develop their skills, help teachers adapt their instructional strategies, assist administrators in efficiently allocating resources, and give local and state leaders a better data platform upon which to base education policy decisions.

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Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, and AEI’s Rick Hess discuss the challenges and successes of scaling charter schools.

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Success Academy students far outscore not only New York City’s regular public schools, but also prestigious charter networks, sparking a civil war among state Democrats.

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After years of tinkering and partisan bickering, there are now opportunities for meaningful higher education reform. Congress should not let those opportunities slip away over the next two years.

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In the past five years, school reform organizations and reform-minded funders have invested in organizing and activating parents to promote reform via grassroots political action. This report presents lessons we can learn from their efforts.

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“New and Better Schools” explores how to prime school choice policy to improve the American education landscape from the perspective of both researchers and practitioners, documenting the hurdles entrepreneurial school leaders face and offering a way forward.

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