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Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income program needs greater focus on improving the life outcomes of children with disabilities, rather than simply meeting their material needs.


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It’s true that the federal student aid system is wildly inefficient, but it’s not true that redirecting those funds would be enough to make public colleges tuition free—at least not in the way that most people would interpret Jordan Weissmann’s recent Slate headline.

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If in future School Choice Weeks we hope to celebrate the continued expansion of private school choice, policymakers will have to think of ways to channel more money to participating private schools.

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During School Choice Week 2015, AEI’s Rick Hess, Senator Tim Scott, Thomas Stewart, and Patrick Wolf discuss Stewart and Wolf’s new book, “The School Choice Journey,” and why promoting school choice is important to expanding the range of education opportunities for every student in the United States.

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Improving education isn’t simple. But four new talks from leading educational leaders and public intellectuals shed light on why it is vital to rethink how we do education reform and why we do it.

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Private-school choice is a journey for low-income parents who move from being clients of social services to consumers of goods and advocates for their own political interests.

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School choice is a promising tool for education reform, allowing families to determine which school is best for their child and their child’s individual needs. With National School Choice Week approaching,  AEI scholars weigh in on the issue.

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The millennial generation has had much lower crime, divorce, and birth rates than previous generations. While partisan issues may explain some of the reason for this, millennials may behave better largely because they are expected to by their parents.

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Competency-based education, in which credit is provided on the basis of student learning rather than credit or clock hours, is starting to gain traction with educators and policymakers, but many questions about it remain to be answered.

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Journalists at NPR and the Center for Public Integrity are responsible for creating a moral panic over campus rape.

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By doubling down on this troubled model, the President’s plan would spend more without solving the structural problems that plague it.

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