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Republican nominees for 2016 must explain to voters how they can believe in both the importance of education and in a limited federal role.

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Protestors at Bear Creek High School sit in the shade near the school in Lakewood, Colorado

Politically, nothing is more potent or poignant than the picture of a child’s face at a hearing or protest. Which is why adults in the system must wield their influence with great care.

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Rick Hess sat down with The Las Vegas Sun’s Ian Whitaker to explain how teachers can channel frustration into positive action to improve student performance.

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Some of the countries we lionize for their high-achieving and tuition-free higher education systems are successful in part because they do things that many Americans dislike. They track students into different paths and ration access to the most prestigious ones.

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Teachers are right that school improvement is ultimately about what happens between students and teachers in classrooms, and that means supporting instruction and empowering teachers. But reformers are right to fear that some teachers can’t be trusted with that authority.

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This primer provides a one-stop-shop for understanding why the No Child Left Behind Act was passed, what went wrong in its implementation, and what lessons AEI Education has learned.

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AEI’s Andrew Kelly and Tulane University’s Jon Valant discuss their research on parent empowerment and K–12 education reform.

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The Student Success Act reflects a principled, limited federal role in education, and it deserves conservative support.

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While in need of reform, IBR should and likely will continue to play a larger role in the federal loan repayment process.

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Obama’s actions wouldn’t add an immediate cost for schools, but the prospect of increased illegal immigration leaves state policymakers and budget forecasters with a whole lot of guesswork.

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CBT cover smaller

“The Cage-Busting Teacher” helps teachers understand why and how to revisit their assumptions and enables them to have greater impacts on their schools and beyond.

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