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Vision Talks

Hear four concise talks on why America needs to rethink education, what that thinking looks like in practice, and how to move from ideas to action.

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The most striking aspect of the newly-reauthorized CCDBG is its pivotal shift from viewing child care solely as a babysitting service for working parents to seeing it, too, as a crucial opportunity for young children’s early development and learning.

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We’re joined this week by Superintendent of Newark City Public Schools, Cami Anderson.

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Cami Anderson has been implementing an aggressive reform agenda that expands charter school options, allows for merit pay, makes room for the dismissal of ineffective teachers, and provides “open enrollment” to students so that they can choose which schools they attend.

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The success of K–12 school choice policies largely depends on the behaviors of school choosers. Successfully informing the public about school choice options requires understanding both which information best describes school quality and how people interpret and utilize information as they make decisions about schools.

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Rick Hess reflects on the point of public debate in light of Cami Anderson’s visit to AEI in November 2014.

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In August 2015, Rick Hess of AEI’s Education Policy Studies team will hold the second “Ed Policy Academy” for graduate students in the social sciences, public policy, business, and law. This summer institute gives promising graduate students an opportunity to explore the contours of current education debates with an intimate group of leading scholars.

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While adding tens of thousands of pre-K slots in a matter of months makes for good headlines, unfortunately for New York City it does not make for good pre-K.

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Newark Superintendent Cami Anderson and AEI’s Rick Hess discuss reforming America’s schools.

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“The University Next Door” draws much-needed attention to comprehensive universities, which have historically received little notice yet play an important role in meeting our new attainment goals and helping the American economy grow.

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Opposition to Common Core continues to grow as educators try and determine the best ways to implement it. Meanwhile, lawmakers in more than 30 states have introduced legislation to curb or repeal it, and more than a dozen states have withdrawn from Common Core testing consortia.

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As Republicans prepare to take control of Congress, they should make a priority of higher education, which has never been prominent on the conservative agenda but should become so now.

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