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AEI’s Rick Hess and a distinguished panel highlight the work of cage-busting teachers who are at the vanguard of school and system transformation.

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Given their autonomy, charters have room to take risks—like giving students opportunities in and outside the classroom to learn about and participate more fully in civic life.

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In recent years, in order to combat America’s mediocre performance on standardized tests, education reform has concentrated more heavily on reading and math test scores. While this is a worthy goal, it has also narrowed the mission of schooling to one in which the importance of civic education is often excluded.

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Republicans can’t talk seriously about opportunity without addressing education. But school choice is only a start, because it’s necessary and insufficient for improving schools.

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In light of the upcoming launch of The Cage-Busting Teacher, Rick Hess offers an example of what it means for teachers to help forge schools and systems where they can do their best work.

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Children need a strong family structure to have the best chance at attaining high educational achievement.

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We need an educational system that brings children, with all combinations of assets and deficits, to adulthood having identified things they enjoy doing and having learned how to do them well.

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Covering an education story today? Here’s the latest from the experts on the AEI education team.

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks at the Credit Union National Association Governmental Affairs Conference in Washington March 11, 2015. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

It’s not that student loan programs aren’t generous enough. It’s that the existing protections they offer are poorly designed and difficult to use for the people who need them most.

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Cage-busters believe that a focus on problem-solving, precision, and responsibility can enable teachers to create the schools and systems where they can do their best work.

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In 2002, General Manager of the Oakland Athletics Billy Beane used data and statistics to determine the team’s roster, as told in the book Moneyball. In a bipartisan report released today, AEI’s Frederick Hess and Results for America’s Bethany Little take this “moneyball” approach and apply it to education.

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