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Economics of Education

For over half a century, Americans have relied on public schooling as the nation’s core strategy for promoting social and economic mobility across generations. But a groundbreaking new study has found that despite enormous public investment, achievement gaps between wealthier and poorer children have remained unchanged over the past 50 years.

Betsy DeVos has unveiled the Trump administration’s first major federal school choice plan, which would create a tax credit scholarship program to help low-income students with education expenses. Experts discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the program.

It’s a troubling window into the politics of resentment that so many have responded to this appalling scheme to buy indulgences from the college cartel by focusing and responding by, bizarrely, racing to condemn parents going about the mundane business of trying to help their children succeed in school.

Federal student loans are one of the most complex consumer financial products that exist in the United States. To improve servicing, and therefore to improve outcomes for borrowers, policymakers should start with simplification.

Who actually gets licenses, certificates, apprenticeships, and other nondegree credentials?

America’s top public colleges are becoming increasingly diverse.

Teacher pay and school spending are serious subjects and deserve serious discussion. Credulous coverage like in The Washington Post fails to promote such discussion.

Why a popular measure of economic diversity on college campuses is misleading.

Almost a third of workers—and more senior executives—say their careers have been adversely affected by caregiving obligations. Hear from Joe Fuller and CEO Sheila Marcel why demographic trends and the changing role of women in the workforce mean that employers must “do the math” when it comes to care.

a young woman shows her elderly mother how to use an iPad in a restaurant booth

American companies are facing a caregiving crisis — they just refuse to acknowledge it.

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