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K-12 Schooling

Social and emotional learning could push us to view children as trauma victims and teachers as therapists.

children foster care system

SEL is sensible in its own right and a healthy corrective to some of the excesses of the No Child Left Behind era. But I’ve spent lots of years watching good ideas go south.

The case for SEL must not become an excuse to diminish attention to academic skills and knowledge or serve to deflect educators from the centrality of academic instruction.

My Tech High partners with innovative public school districts to offer tuition-free, home-centered education programs to 5,000 students, primarily in Utah.

An athlete hugs a volunteer during the Special Olympics Wisconsin

On occasion, policymakers have won through on once-unpopular proposals. But this requires diligence, constancy, and principle—traits the Trump administration seems to lack.

A young boy sits in his classroom and uses a large Apple tablet.

Lynette Guastaferro is the CEO of Teaching Matters, which currently serves 237 urban schools. I recently talked with Lynette about the subsidiary program Early Reading Matters and efforts to improve how we teach reading skills.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris takes the stage for a rally at Texas

Senator Kamala Harris, a serious contender for the Democratic presidential nod, has just proposed to have Uncle Sam boost teacher pay by $315 billion over the next decade. It’s a bold idea, but also a bad one.

Father shows his young son how to put a model plane together

The felonious conduct in the college admissions scandal is distinctly different from good parents trying to help their kids.

For those who think a meaningful school reform coalition can and must encompass those who have good-faith disagreements about economic policy, immigration, and the “woke” agenda, finding a way to rethink these litmus tests represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks at the United States Conference of Mayors

Two years ago, the Supreme Court declared that Trinity Lutheran church had been unjustly denied access to a publicly funded school service program. Now, Betsy DeVos is applying the same logic to federal law.

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