Foreign and Defense Policy

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ISIS remains in control of large swaths of both Iraq and Syria, and will probably continue to control significant territory into the next administration. How candidates answer these questions should elucidate how they understand ISIS, the threat it poses, and what strategy the US should pursue.

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Following the nuclear deal with Iran, a discussion on transparency in the Obama administration and secret side deals between Iran and the IAEA.

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A discussion on new reports from the State Department regarding Hillary Clinton’s email server, and the possibility those emails are tied to the 2011 Benghazi attack.

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Venezuelan National Guard personnel stand guard during the presentation of confiscated cocaine to the media in Maracaibo April 25, 2013.  Reuters

Transnational organized crime, in some cases abetted by lawless Latin American regimes, threatens US security. The US needs to expose organized-crime conspirators, rally support for the rule of law, and reinvigorate antidrug cooperation.

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The United Airlines timetable is pictured in Newark International Airport, New Jersey July 8, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Our failure to retaliate against Chinese attacks will send a signal to the world that America can be hacked and attacked with impunity.

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China’s seizure and militarization of islets in the South China Sea poses a direct challenge to America’s post-WWII policy of managing the commons, a policy which accrues commercial and security benefits to all nations, mainland China included.

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Putin’s strategic direction may be traced by marking the evolution of domestic imperatives—economic, ideological, political—that have molded his behavior and will almost certainly continue to do so.

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The widening gap in civil-military relations is almost entirely due to changes on the civilian side of the equation. The more the plague of political correctness divides the rest of us into ever-smaller tribes, the more the military tribe will see itself as unique and—dangerously—uniquely virtuous.

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Covering a foreign policy story today? Here’s the latest from the experts on these topics.

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