Foreign and Defense Policy

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President Obama’s supporters and opponents are likely to be disappointed by his executive action on immigration, albeit for different reasons.

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The Euromaidan protests, which began one year ago, evolved into a movement that at its finest could serve as a prototype for a kind of mature democracy Ukraine may one day become.

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In addition to objections over its nuclear program, Iran must also confront the looming threat of ISIS and its diminishing power in the Gaza Strip.

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Americans want their leaders to be willing to meet with leaders of hostile or unfriendly countries to the US, but they also view preventing the spread of nuclear weapons as a very important foreign policy goal. They say the nuclear program in Iran, a country that most view as unfriendly or an enemy, is a ‘critical threat’ to the US.

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An Iranian woman walks past an anti-U.S. poster during a visit to a war museum in the city of Khorramshahr, 1350 km (844 miles) southwest of Tehran in Khoozestan province, March 14, 2007. Iranians visit the main battlegrounds of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) during the last week of the Iranian calendar to remember those who died.

More fully understanding the red lines that guide Iran’s security behavior could give American policymakers an enormous advantage in anticipating, shaping, and mitigating Iranian diplomatic and military activities.

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Senator Kelly Ayotte, former Senator Jon Kyl, and defense industry representatives discuss the current state of missile defenses and what’s next in the effort to defend the American homeland against a growing missile threat.

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Republican 2016 contenders Rand Paul and Ted Cruz voted the wrong way on the Obama-supported USA Freedom Act.

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Will there be a nuclear deal between Iran and the United States in time for the November 24th deadline? AEI’s Danielle Pletka offers her analysis of the deadline, deal, and policy behind the negotiations.

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It is sad that Prime Minister Netanyahu has to ask world leaders for outrage. 3 of the victims of this attack were US citizens, making this tragedy no different than previous ISIS beheadings. President Obama is under fire for his weak comments about restraining violence and peacefully lowering tensions at a time when an attack against the United States has occurred.

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If Abe’s reform plan gets derailed, then there may be no other realistic attempt at economic reform for the foreseeable future.

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