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Economic Development

Today we seem to be entering a similar end point on the efficacy of health aid as we were 50 years ago. I am currently investigating some of the challenges for malaria control and one thing is certain, ignoring reasons for past failures will ensure they are repeated.

Gulf Arab states are funding development outside their borders, reshaping aid patterns, and opening new arenas for competition with actors like China.

China has captured an increasing share of G20 economic output, but its day of reckoning will come. The US needs to be prepared for when “Xi Jinping Thought” becomes “Xi Jinping Panic.”

On this episode of the “AEI Events Podcast,” we examine the Trump administration’s options in the fight against transnational organized crime networks.

Mohammed bin Salman should be an architect of the MENA region’s growth plans, but his country seems poised to miss the opportunity.

The G20 summit, which kicks off in Buenos Aires on Friday, will cover a wide range of topics. Experts are available to discuss how the issues may play out.

The conflict in Yemen has exacted a disastrous toll on the country. This paper considers the outside forces in the conflict, seeking to elucidate who they are, what the nature is of their involvement, and what their converging and conflicting interests mean for reconstruction.

No, the US-Saudi relationship is not about to end. Karen Young discusses economic integration and common misconceptions. Sanctions are a maybe, but the economic stability of the region is a must.

This week on Banter, AEI Jeane Kirkpatrick Fellow Clay Fuller joined the show to discuss combating transnational criminal organizations and the authoritarian regimes that facilitate their activities.

On this episode of the “AEI Events Podcast,” experts gather at AEI to examine the challenges that the new Italian government poses for Europe and the eurozone’s future.

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