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Picture taken February 21, 2012. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

Increasing access to medicines for diseases that primarily affect the poor, such as malaria and tuberculosis, involves a complex interplay of private- and public-sector efforts—some of which are often ignored in public debates.

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New York has an opportunity to make real improvements to its Medicaid program; but it is leaving out key health care providers which might be best positioned to cut costs and improve value.

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Recognizing the unsustainable fiscal outlook facing the United States, the authors present a plan to constrain the growth of federal spending and reform the tax system to promote economic growth.

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Nurse and doctor

A competitive Medicare program must welcome change while ensuring that beneficiaries and taxpayers are well served.

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The gift ban and Physician Payments Sunshine Act are offensive. The principal use of payment disclosures to date has been to embarrass, often unfairly.

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If we, as a nation, want to continue to lead the world in medical innovation, should avoid passing legislation that makes medical innovation less sustainable. Instead, we should support legislation that streamlines regulations and facilitates innovation.

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Federal taxpayers dumped more than $205 million into Hawaii’s Obamacare insurance exchange, but after a steady downward spiral the once-highly praised Hawaii Health Connector is on life support.

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New York State is an excellent case study because, despite world-class medical facilities, health care outcomes are mediocre at best, health care spending is out of control, and the state’s Medicaid program is one of the country’s most expensive.

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If we, as a nation, want to continue to lead the world in medical innovation, we cannot allow myths to unjustly color our impression of the biopharmaceutical and medical-device industries and those physicians and researchers who work with them.

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Satel Sally

A discussion of the “immature teen brain” defense as used in the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

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