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Two less-discussed issues tied to the King v. Burwell case involve federalism and the burden state governments would face if they decided not to establish their own Affordable Care Act-qualified health benefits exchanges, and the ability of future administrations to reinterpret the issue of tax credit subsidies in federal exchanges.

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The Senate should reject new legislation that would use pay increases to coerce doctors to join Medicare ACOs.

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The tobacco companies are no longer blowing smoke about the hazards of combusted-tobacco cigarettes. But the critics of electronic cigarettes — an important new technology that has the potential to replace smoking worldwide – have begun mass-producing doubt about the product.

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The largest tax break in the federal tax code is a stealth subsidy that is both unfair and inefficient.

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The pharmaceutical industry is perceived to be in a “productivity crisis” because research spending has grown rapidly, while the number of new FDA-approved molecules has remained relatively flat over time.

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Myths about the ills of the private medical industry encourage bad policy such as product excise taxes, price controls, or weakened patent protection laws and compromise medical progress.

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There are actually plenty of plans to replace Obamacare, some of which can be scientifically shown to be superior to Obamacare in terms of delivering on those promises. Isn’t it about time we gave such a plan a chance?

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By operating under the myth that commercial ties are inevitably corrupting, the FDA sealed itself off from a group of scientists whose knowledge and perspectives are critical to the development of wise tobacco regulation.

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Separate simulations by the Urban Institute and the Rand Corporation predict that “adverse selection,” where healthier people leave the insurance market and sicker people stay in causing premiums to rise, will occur if the King plaintiffs prevail. Despite these forecasts, historical studies indicate that a death spiral will not occur.

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Scott Gottlieb addressed the Attorneys General Education Program Public Policy Conference on Federalism and the Pharmaceutical Industry March 26, 2015.

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