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The Senate seems to be debating Obamacare repeal, a highway bill, reviving the expired Export-Import Bank, something about Iran and Israel, and cutting off subsidies to abortion-industry leader Planned Parenthood — all at the same time. What’s going on here?

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Medical schools and residency programs would do well to recognize, acknowledge and enlighten trainees about the diversity of career paths that are now available, avenues of personal development that, in effect, offer the possibility of allowing each of us to perform at the top of our own license.

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Just one week ahead of Medicare’s 50th anniversary, AEI Medicare expert and former health adviser to the Congressional Budget Office Joseph Antos examines the just-released Medicare Trustees Report.

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Unless we take strong action, Medicare might go the way of Greece.

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Breast cancer screening early and often, no matter how well-intentioned, is costly and counterproductive. Finding every last cancer, no matter how small or innocuous, does not save lives and subjects many women to unnecessary treatment.

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Panelists discuss the 2015 Medicare Trustees Report and its assessment of the likely trend in Medicare spending over the next 75 years.

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If addiction is a brain disease, addicts are mad, sick and defective. If it’s a failure of will, users are bad, immoral and weak.

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A century or more after American women first entered the realm of opiate addiction, the picture is very different.

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Certified Application Counselor Gina Denis (C) takes information from Rose Valbrun (L) and William Merisier, both of Miami, about Affordable Care Act insurance, known as Obamacare, at the Borinquen Medical Center in Miami, Florida October 2, 2013. Reuters

Unless problems with the Obamacare exchanges are fixed, fraud, wasted dollars, and bureaucratic incompetence threaten the continued existence of the federal exchange.

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A group of Catholic nuns, the Little Sisters of the Poor, wants relief from the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that it offer contraceptive coverage to its employees. The nuns lost a court case this week — and everyone who cares about religious freedom should be troubled by the reasons why.

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When abortion is the issue, the mainstream media and the rest of the American Left not only set aside their compassion and concern for human life, but also their ability to speak clearly and honestly.

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