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If the president really aspires to be a transformational president, then John Goodman’s “do-n0-harm” health reform plan surely is not a bad place to start .

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In the health system envisioned by the administration, HHS will call all of the important shots and direct how hospitals and doctors are to care for patients. If that’s not government-run health care, what is?

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Obamacare should be repealed; it should be replaced with a different plan, a goal of which should be universal coverage against catastrophic expenses so that no one who falls seriously ill or is seriously injured goes without the medical care they need, regardless of ability to pay; and preferring this outcome to the Obamacare status quo is not immoral.

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Some of the biggest health insurers are baking faulty math into their earnings forecasts by factoring in payments from Uncle Sam that may never materialize

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There’s been a tremendous amount of research work on disability in recent years. For an ostensible research organization to bypass all of that and reflexively turn to tax increases and only tax increases is bizarre.

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Millions of Americans could find their health-insurance plans endangered if the Supreme Court rules this summer that President Barack Obama’s administration has broken the law in subsidizing them. Congressional Republicans should step up and solve the problem.

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Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income program needs greater focus on improving the life outcomes of children with disabilities, rather than simply meeting their material needs.


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American physicians best look out: if Mr. Brill and like-minded reformers get their way in overregulating hospitals, physicians almost assuredly will be next on the chopping block.

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The legal case in King v. Burwell against the Obama administration is strong, and ruling accordingly won’t kill the health-care law.

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The Fourteenth Amendment clearly authorizes federal abortion legislation, including a ban on late-term abortions.

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