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Pulitzer Prize winner and bestselling author George Will discusses his new book, “The Conservative Sensibility” (Hachette Books, June 2019), with incoming AEI President Robert Doar.

Every day that Democrats choose to make news on impeachment and investigations is another day when voters see no action on a positive agenda for the American people.

Is America going to war with Iran? What is John Bolton up to? What does Cyrus the Great have to do with it? AEI scholar Ken Pollack joins The Remnant to answer these and other questions.

Generational pride is the cheapest form of identity politics.

ironing and chores conform to gender norms?

Imbalances in household chores are real, but polls suggest that they are a minor irritant in most American households.

Yes, Joe Biden could end up being the Democratic nominee, and if he’s still in his current position after the first few Democratic debates, we should take a more serious look at the prospect that he might put an end to the Democratic primary fight early.

From Atlanta to Adelaide, from the Steele dossier to the Brexit opponents, the big lie is being deployed in the service of delegitimizing the results of elections.

While high-speed rail may look like a failure to the folks who wanted to ride a train from LA to San Francisco, it has already fulfilled its real purpose: enriching the unions and companies whose idea it was.

The US has seen an explosive surge in both arrests and felony sentencing for our adult population—yet our government statistical systems can tell us almost nothing about them.

Join a diverse panel of experts as they explore the implications of the upcoming European Parliament elections on the continent’s politics and transatlantic relations.

Is everything the Boomers’ fault? Are Millennials actually the victims? Is Gen X the best generation? Jonah brings Wall Street Journal editorial board member and author of “Theft of a Decade: How the Baby Boomers Stole the Millennials’ Economic Future” Joe Sternberg onto The Remnant to answer these and other questions.

And it’s really not baby boomers’ fault.

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