Politics and Public Opinion

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Cutting the IRS’s funding will result in a serious drop in revenue due to fewer audits and less oversight—which will worsen our federal budget deficits.

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The December issue of Political Report offers a distilled picture of public opinion on the American Dream.

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Pope Francis leads his Wednesday general audience in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican December 10, 2014.  Reuters

The news media has a Pope Francis problem, and the dog-that-didn’t-ascend is only the latest example.

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Covering a political story today? Here’s the latest from AEI’s political corner experts.

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Americans, by and large, believe that they can achieve their own version of the American Dream, and it is a personal vision. This view has changed little over the past 30 years.

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What exactly are Americans saying about the American Dream and how have their views of it changed over time? Do Americans believe the dream is endangered? The answers are more complicated than one might think.

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Image Credit: Senate Democrats (Flickr) (CC-by-2.0)

That’s not a headline you are likely to find on AEI’s blog very often, but a new poll of registered voters from Fox News finds solid majority support for the thrust of remarks the Senator made at the National Press Club in late November.

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Both political parties are in the position of the legendary old-time politician who said, “Some of my friends are for the bill and some of my friends are against the bill, and I’m always with my friends.”

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This week, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the much anticipated and highly controversial report on the CIA’s use of enhanced interrogation techniques to extract information from prisoners. AEI scholars are weighing in on multiple facets of the debate, from American public opinion, to the validity of the report’s findings, to the potential national security risks related to the report’s release.

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President Barack Obama signs executive orders on immigration reform. Reuters

The separation of powers is not the only significant constitutional matter at stake in the debate about President Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. In contention as well are the contours of representative government itself.

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