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Please join us for the annual Walter Berns Constitution Day Lecture as Philip Hamburger considers recurring threats to the due process of law from extralegal power.

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Representative Jim Sensenbrenner | Courtesy of Sensenbrenner for Congress

Rep. Sensenbrenner and a panel of experts will explore ways of simultaneously reducing America’s high levels of incarceration and of crime and disorder.

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AEI President Arthur Brooks discusses his book, ‘The Conservative Heart’, and topics include social justice, poverty, materialism, etc.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demonstrates the Kindle Paperwhite during Amazon's Kindle Fire event in Santa Monica, California September 6, 2012. Reuters

Based on the polls, Amazon’s workplace culture, as described by the Times, appears unique and very different from what most workers experience.

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Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) debates with Univision reporter Jorge Ramos before Trump's "Make America Great Again Rally" at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa, August 25, 2015. Reuters

Denying citizenship to the children of immigrants wouldn’t solve any problems.

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Grievance feminists in the United States trivialize the genuine injustices faced by women across the globe.

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens to a question from the audience during a community forum about substance abuse in Keene, New Hampshire August 11, 2015. Reuters

Clinton’s encounter with the #BlackLivesMatter protesters spotlights a problem Democrats face – appeasing a movement whose premises are factually questionable and off-putting to many voters.

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Arthur Brooks talked about his book, The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier and More Prosperous America, in which he says it is time for a new kind of conservatism that fights poverty, promotes equal opportunity, and extols spiritual enlightenment.

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Legendary teacher and scholar Amy Apfel Kass, wife of AEI scholar Leon Kass, passed away after a long battle against cancer. We mourn her passing and remember her inspiring and loving teaching.

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We’ve heard about the conservative “war on women” but is there also an on-going war against boys in the western world?

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump give a thumbs up as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire August 19, 2015. Reuters

Taken seriously and stripped of excesses, Donald Trump’s immigration plan points the way toward a sensible compromise on immigration policy.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hugs a U.S. flag as he takes the stage for a campaign town hall meeting in Derry, New Hampshire August 19, 2015.  Reuters

Donald Trump’s six-page immigration platform may not be the best, but given the issue’s role in elevating the candidate to a lead in Republican polls, it merits serious attention.

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