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The number of online enterprises that have disappeared in Europe as a result of the GDPR should serve as a warning that privacy regulations should be as workable for the small businesses as they are for large companies that can bear the burden of compliance.

Video games could help you develop THIS important career skill... | reTHINK TANK

Video games are a fun pastime, but could they also build valuable 3D thinking skills that benefit your career?

Despite their close alignment on democratic values, the US and EU still encounter serious barriers on issues of free trade and internet regulation.

For those who think Liu He will bring a major concession to the table during upcoming trade talks, here’s our algorithm’s advice: Curb your enthusiasm.

The US withdrawal from TPP leaves it without readily available paths to advance a digital trade regime for advanced internet-based competition and the flow of data.

The Spanish government’s plan to introduce a new tax on certain large tech firms is a tariff in all but name, and is misguided for several reasons.

California consumer privacy act GDPR

One can easily envision a system of corporate taxation that is destination-based, i.e. that taxes profits where consumers are located.

Brexit digital trade and internet rules

If the UK hews close to the EU with a soft Brexit, the US will lose an important partner in the competition for new rules for digital trade and the future of the global internet.

US-China trade negotiations

The US has a strong case and compelling incentives to confront China’s entrenched protectionist state capitalism in trade negotiations.

EU digital taxation

The European Commission’s proposals to tax the digital economy would shift tax revenue from the US to Europe.

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