American Enterprise Institute Announces Robert Doar as Inaugural Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies


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Washington, D.C. (February 4, 2014) -  American Enterprise Institute (AEI) president Arthur Brooks announced today that the former commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration, Robert Doar, has joined AEI as the Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies. At AEI, Doar will study and evaluate how free enterprise and improved federal policies and programs can reduce poverty and provide opportunities for vulnerable Americans. Specifically, Doar will focus on the health, education, and community participation of children and young adults.

Before joining AEI, Doar was commissioner of New York City’s Human Resources Administration where he administered 12 public assistance programs for the largest local social services agency in the United States. Programs included welfare, food assistance, public health insurance, home care for the elderly and disabled, energy assistance, child support enforcement services, adult protective services and domestic violence assistance, and help for people living with HIV/AIDS. In New York City, Doar oversaw a 25 percent reduction in the City's welfare caseload and the transition to work of more than 500,000 public assistance applicants and recipients.  Prior to joining the Bloomberg administration, Doar was New York State commissioner of social services where he helped to make New York a model for the implementation of welfare reform.

“Robert’s work in New York City helped to expand opportunity and provide real relief for the citizens who needed it most and helped them avoid dependency on the government,” Brooks said in making the announcement. “We’re excited to have him join AEI, where he will continue finding solutions that will transform, relieve, and provide opportunity to the vulnerable.”

“I have spent my 18-year career in public service working to improve the lives of struggling New Yorkers by encouraging and supporting work and helping parents to better support their children,” Doar said. “I look forward to continuing this work at AEI."

AEI’s Morgridge Fellow in Poverty Studies is made possible by a gift from John and Carrie Morgridge, and is awarded to a full-time scholar at AEI who focuses on how free enterprise and better public policies can provide more opportunity for our most vulnerable citizens. John and Carrie are the president and vice president of the Morgridge Family Foundation, which invests in the transformation of education for both students and educators, specifically supporting initiatives in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“We’re committed to increasing opportunities available to children and other vulnerable Americans,” said John and Carrie Morgridge in a statement. “The Morgridge Fellowship will allow top-flight scholars, such as Robert, to find new and intelligent solutions that will alleviate poverty and provide greater opportunity.”

For additional information, please contact AEI Media Services at [email protected] (202.862.5829).

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