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US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at a hotel in Vienna, Austria June 30, 2015.  REUTERS/State Department

Iranian leaders are expressing ever greater concerns about the perceived threats from ISIS and Saudi Arabia. How Tehran may respond, including deploying ground forces in Iraq, should give everyone pause.

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Saudi Arabia flag_Shutterstock_500x333

What does it say about our relationship with Saudi Arabia that the Saudi ambassador felt free to meet with a wanted terrorist with American blood on his hands, and forward a request for medical treatment back to Riyadh?

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We shouldn’t have to adjudicate 21st-century smartphone disputes with 1930s-era legislation

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Advances in medical device technology have been major contributors to improved longevity and increased quality of life for patients. Unfortunately, damaging “conflict-of-interest myths” are hampering medical progress in general and device development in particular.

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“The uniquely American decline in the participation by working-age men and women puts the US in a long-standing contrast to Japan, Germany, and the UK.”

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History for the public should be both accessible and intellectually challenging, conscientious in its subjectivity, and honest in its celebration of past triumphs, writes Wilfred McClay.

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An intensification in the Greek crisis could send ripples across the global financial system that could materially affect the United States economy. Of equal concern, turmoil in Greece could allow the Russians to gain a firm foothold in the Balkans.

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Economist Thomas Sowell shares the same birthday (June 30) as Frederic Bastiat, and he turned 85 yesterday. Here are ten of my favorites quotes from Dr. Sowell on Obamacare. Happy 85th Birthday Tom Sowell!

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If we’re truly honest about seeking greater value in how drugs are pursued and used, then we should be earnest in wanting a market with more information that speaks to these attributes, and more competition in pursuit of these elements.

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