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  1. Max Planck

    Mr. Conover’s article:

    Maybe it IS time to stop blaming Bush, and get on with the structural problems of the American economy.

    Once again, a man educated to within an inch of his life makes a mathematical mistake no fourth grader would:


    So he gives us the usual AEI Caca De Toro about the “Reagan recovery,” which is kind of like comparing gout to phlebitis. It’s not even worth honoring such a comparison with terms like “facile” or “idiotic.”

    We’ve gone through a process of decades of de-industrialization, and that meant many people without much education could be educated in a trade that provided them decent salaries and benefits, and a shot at upward mobility.

    That’s dead.

    This was concurrently replaced with a financialization of the economy, which meant we stopped making things and merely traded them by stripping the value out of them and keeping them for a few. That blew up in our faces. Spectularly.

    Romney’s own family history speaks to this:

    George Romney was a genuine industrialist, of which this country was blessed with many. He ran factories, hired people and developed products for a prosperous, hungry consumer market.

    His own son has none of these skills. All he has is Bain “Capital” and that capital is not used to build factories, its used as a giant bloodsucking operation to squeeze the juice out of anything it owns, and leave the rotting rinds thrown out the door rotting on the curbside.

    The question is, “what now?” What are you going to have the workforce do? And you tell us that fiddling with the bass and treble controls on the tax code fixes all this? Didn’t you tell us the Bush tax code we have now is the path to unlimited growth?

    You people at AEI are a joke.

    You spread ignorance like typhus, lie through your teeth, and worst of all, sully what was once the good name of American Conservatism.

    William F. Buckley’s excrement had more truth in it than this giant pustule of third rate propaganda.

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