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Discussion: (5 comments)

  1. ” take opponents’ claims seriously and debate them openly and forthrightly.’

    it’s a must.

    if you ignore them then the opponents will then claim that they are demonstrable facts.

    there is no easy way these days to deal with truth.

    you have to defend it or the zealot types will just cremate it …

    the belief is more important than the truth for some.

    1. I cannot understand how a site that claims to be for free market competition favours a one size fits all program chosen by central planners.

      1. nothing in the free market makes it the enemy of standards.

        the free market LIKES standards.

        just imagine how the free market would work without the UPC standard…

        heck.. you’d probably not even be writing your message without modem/router standards…

      2. Charlotte Jade

        Simple, they are all liars, their ideas always lead to mass murder and collapse, so they have to lie. The use the language by inventing new definitions and deception. Their systems work only inside their own growth mindsets, where all the stake holders have been brought into line by new ways of inclusion based on deception, leverage and bullying. They are all little gods and your footprint is too big. Just don’t comment if you do not understand.

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