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  1. MacDaddyWatch


    Our Benghazi embassy warned Obama’s team of accomplices some 3-weeks in advance of the embassy terrorist murders that “…alQaeda is present…we can not withstand an attack..the situation is worsening…”

    These documents/messages are now public and are being reported on by FoxNews.

    What Obama knew and when he knew it is finally being answered. Obama lied and failed at a coverup…there is blood on this cowardly murderer’s hands.

    1. MacDaddyWatch


      An Obama re-election organizer for the DNC in Denver is facing charges that he “grabbed” a Loveland woman’s breasts while giving her a campaign sticker on Tuesday, police said.

      Luke M. Buchanan, 24, of Washington, D.C. is charged with unlawful sexual contact, a misdemeanor. The 21 year-old victim’s name was not released.

      GOTTCHA !!!

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