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Discussion: (3 comments)

  1. when you come up with serious proposals that actually have some chance of succeeding as compromise proposals.. let us know.

    these “proposals” sound like they are being made to the same “echo chamber” as before…. just saying….

  2. Raymond

    Obamacare is already in full swing and will be up and running soon. you can get it from your local exchange by enrolling starting oct 1st 2013. How can this now be modified when it is already in implementation face?

  3. sidney brooks

    I just want to make a quick suggestion, toward improving the registration numbers. well, I believe that we must also go to the way we collect our census data. this will inable the registration of medical applications to be collected. hire workers to go to house to house to have people to fill out applications, to collect data and later submit them. I believe this will work along with what we are already doing with the online method.

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