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Discussion: (4 comments)

  1. Philip Hummer

    I feel more confident with Barack Obama and his national security team than with Romney’s erratic rash and extreme positions.

    1. Questioning our President’s policies of appeasement to violence and apologies for our Bill of Rights is extreme? Indeed!

  2. You tell ‘em, Danielle!

  3. You just simply passed over a very difficult issue for Muslims. The Film was a huge insult. No Muslim had ever attack Jesus like this to see what would be the reaction of Christine. But also don’t forget other insults and attacks by the US in the region. Consider only that a drone has killed 9 Afghans all women and girls in the same past week!! Why as a citizen of this global village you don’t mention them? but only US citizens are important for you? Now I am against killing US ambassador and condemn it in the most severe term. But the US prosperity in a global age is not going to happen without a respect for and prosperity of others. You can not kill others by direct war or indirect drones and feel safe in the same big home. You can not support Israel while killing people in Gaza and call their reaction pure terrorism and support Israel blindly.
    the US needs to adjust its policy in the middle east ASAP it needs to stop all these Blood sheds which people of the region suffer more than any other and blame the US for that. They are right, without the help of the US, Israel had no such impunity to kill innocents.

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