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Discussion: (8 comments)

  1. MacDaddyWatch

    Colorado….R-50…0 46

    It never was a battleground state.

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    Commie Scoreboard:

    Chavez, Castro and Putin Endorse Obama: Four more years!

    Birds of a feather…

  3. Max Planck

    This Pletka character is a pathetic amateur. Her foreign policy acumen is equivalent to Pethokoukis’s economic skills, such as they are. She is a know nothing, and like Jimmy P. has absolutely NO PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS to speak on the subject of foreign policy. Even by blogger standards, a third rate demagogue:

    “Pletka was a strong supporter of Iraqi opposition leader, Ahmed Chalabi, even after it emerged he was being investigated by the US authorities as an Iranian spy. Pletka defended Mr Chalabi saying that he had been “shoddily” treated and that CIA and US State Department personnel had been fighting “a rear guard” action against him.[2]
    She researches topics related to the Middle East, South Asia, terrorism, and weapons proliferation, and is an AEI expert on Iraq. Pletka is also involved in various other projects such as the Committee on the Present Danger.
    Pletka is married to Stephen Rademaker, who was in the George W. Bush presidential administration, was the Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Arms Control.[3] The couple has three children.”

    1. MacDaddyWatch

      Your messiah belonged to and financially supported a “hate-whitey” Chicago cult for 20-years where he sat in pew #1 with his entire family. Your messiah also hung with domestic terrorists and got bankrolled by a felon. His only job was as a community agitator.

      That’s a horrible and hostile resume…America is onto him.

      1. Max Planck

        Another compliment from the depths of race hatred and ignorance.

        Thanks for playing.

  4. Some sound bites for Romney:

    1 – There’s something very wrong that the leaders of countries who are hostile to us (Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran) want Obama to be re-elected.

    2 – The America we’re proud of doesn’t insult its friends (not seeing Netanyahu, giving the Queen an Ipod loaded with Obama speeches).

    3 – America has done far more good in the world than bad. An American President shouldn’t feel it necessary to open speeches apologizing for what America has done.

    4 – Wanting to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan is a worthy goal. But let’s not deceive anyone by running away and calling it a ‘win’.

    5 – One of the biggest economic problems right now is Europe. It wasn’t so long ago that America was looked to for to help keep the peace, not only militarily but economically. But now, is the case in so many other places, Obama is nowhere to be seen.

  5. Most excellent analysis as always! Obama is in a world of hurt re: his foreign policy that is burning (literally and figuratively) into an ash heap. I hope Mittens is up to the task of bringing his A game tonight.

  6. Max Planck

    Well, we learned one thing tonight. Romney won’t mount a public challenge of US foreign policy, he agreed with almost everything the President has accomplished to date, and like his economic policy, a vague prescription for doing better without any specifics.

    The neocons held their tongues tonight, I assure you.

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