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  1. I would think you’d need to take a shower if you entered the same room as some of your highly partisan AEI blogger colleagues!

  2. MacDaddyWatch

    It seems like the liberal pundits and gurus (Obama cheerleaders and acolytes) have been telling us that we have been “heading in the right direction” forever. But we never seem to get there. We may have the direction right, but the final destination seems to be very elusive and long overdue. At this rate, it could take decades.

    Just ask the U-6 stuck at 14.6%. I don’t think that they are marching in the streets and celebrating their 4th annual “Jobs Parade.”

  3. MacDaddyWatch


    The October jobs number came in right at the average of the past 3 months–more of the same old moribund lethargy. Total hours worked only increased 0.1% in October and downward revisions to September more than fully offset that gain. Meanwhile, average hourly earnings were unchanged in October and are only up 1.6% from a year ago. Hourly earnings for production & nonsupervisory workers are only up 1.1% in the past year, the smallest gain on record going back to 1964.

    At this rate, household incomes which plunged some $4,000 during Obama’s LEAN YEARS, have little hope for any rebound.

  4. The quality of “good” news appears to have declined precipitously since the last economic recovery. Nine of the last 21 months have been better than the October jobs figure. While it is arguably (just) enough to account for a rising population, it is clearly not enough to employ the backlog of those who lost their jobs from 2008-2010. It is slightly better than the average the Obama economy has posted since September 2010 (155K/month), but that isn’t really saying much.

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