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  1. Max Planck

    1. Luke 1-2 & Matthew 1-2 – Saint Luke & Saint Matthew (AD 59 or 60 and ca. AD 80-90) : Year after year, the “holiday season” coincides with Christmas. For those not in the know, Christmas marks and celebrates the birthday of the baby Jesus. The events surrounding his
    birth and some background information on both his family and John the Baptist are presented in the first two chapters of the Gospels of Luke
    and Matthew.”

    This is why I don’t believe Jesus even existed. We get the first evidence of his life 60 years after he died, and we get three versions of the story, many of which are contradictory to each other. There are other less famous Gospels as well, also with different slants. The birthdate itself is merely a solstice holiday, as was his date of death.

    What this is doing on the AEI site should be the subject of a thesis.

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