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  1. The Economist published an interesting alternative perspective of the “Nordic Model.”

  2. Unfortunately for them, Democratic politicians have stressed publicly not raising taxes on the 99% — or at least the 98% — despite the obvious inability to pay for all their promises without a VAT“…

    This country needs a VAT like Custer needed another indian…

    Can’t just admit it, the war on poverty (aka pandering to parasites) is and has been an abject failure and its way past time to stop financing it?

  3. Benjamin Cole

    I would prefer to cut federal spending, and especially agency spending, and create a consumption tax, rather than a VAT.

    The amount of consumption a person undertakes is a indicator of the burdens they are placing on society, and how much they are benefitting.

    If you spend, then you are taxed.

  4. Sending money to Washington to create pograms (not misspelled) creates bureaucracy that absorbs 1/2? of the money.
    This does well for the bureaucrats but does little for the libs intended targets if one believes that they really intend to help any but themselves eg re-election etc.

    Juandos has it right cut the govt spending and let us spend our own money with our own choices and we will recover the lost prosperity that the govt take-over has robbed from the economy.
    More govt sector spending = less private sector spending.
    Why is this so hard for so many to understand? Effective brainwashing by the lib professors would be my theory.

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