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Discussion: (6 comments)

  1. chapuller

    Mr. Rubin, thank you for writing this. It’s always great to find humor in such atrocities.

    Hopefully our protests have made it somewhat clear that Erdogan and his followers, especially the biased media, do not reflect the whole of Turkey.

  2. Michael R

    Just make sure you’ve made your matzoh by sundown on Friday. No appliances during Shabbat.

  3. I told you before Michael. You are the top list suspect mediator for Gezi park opposition. Now come to Taksim,take a piano and play us in front of AKM inorder to kill Mr. Erdogan, for sure he’ll have a heart attack.

  4. Conspiracy theories were and have been the saving stick for Turkish governments is the past and quite honestly worked effectively… However, in this space and computer age, I would not have believe that this old games would work anymore… Mr. Erdogan perhaps playing his last card… but would not serve him well, if he is not able to renew his rhetoric that may have worked for past decade…
    Great response to a funny newspaper with a Great humor Michael!!!

  5. Ken Kelso

    Brilliant article by Rubin documenting how upsurd and Islamo fascist Ergodan really is.

  6. Ken Kelso

    Ok, here’s what i heard.
    The 4000 Jews who didn’t show up at the World Trade Center, told the Mossad Shark to tell the Mossad Vulture to fly around Turkey and start these riots.
    And to think their are left wing Jews who want a one state solution with these Islamo fascists.
    What is 57 Islamic countries not enough for these Moslems.

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